The Course of this World, Eph 2:2

The Course of this World Eph. 2:2 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Before we were saved, we walked according to the course of this world.  Now that we are saved, we are to walk contrary to the world.  However, many Christians don’t understand the difference.  In other words, they get saved and just keep walking according to the course of this world until they get to heaven.  That’s not how to live the Christian life, at all.  To teach this lesson we will first examine the course of this world, then we will look at the course of the Christian life, and then we’ll see what happens to your Christian life if you don’t get off this course.

The course of this world – Eph 2:2 – The course of this world is contrary to God [Eph 2:12], and, therefore, the principal concerns of people following this course are with things in this life [Ps 17:14]: food and raiment [Lk 12:22-30], wealth [Matt 16:26], happiness [2 Tim 3:4], fashion [1 Cor 7:31] and wickedness [1 Jn 5:19].  There are certainly other things to add to this list but this is a good summary.

The course of the Christian life – When we are saved we receive the spirit which is of God, not the spirit of the world [1 Cor 2:12].  When we come to the cross of Christ, not only are we to be saved, but we are to be crucified to the world [Gal 6:14].  We are to no longer be conformed to the world [Rom 12:2].  It is the will of God that we are delivered from this present evil world [Gal 1:4].

The course of a worldly Christian – A person who gets saved and doesn’t change course away from the world encounters myriad problems.  He’s spoiled [Col 2:8], he’s choked [Matt 13:22, Mk 4:19], he’s at enmity with God [Jas 4:4], he’s still in bondage [Gal 4:3] and he’s entangled, overcome and in worse shape [2 Pet 1:4; 2 Pet 2:19-22].

Conclusion: the way to keep from getting entangled as a worldly Christian is: First, recognize that this world is evil and wicked and under the control of the devil; Second, don’t love the world [1 Jn 2:15; 2 Tim 4:10]; Third, keep yourself unspotted from the world [Jas 1:27]; and Fourth, be transformed by the renewing of your mind [Rom 12:2].