The Anointing Oil, Ex 29:7-9

The Anointing Oil Ex. 29: 7-9 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

You find anointing oil used for several purposes in the Bible.  The oil typifies the Holy Spirit.  By studying anointing, we can see what the Holy Spirit does in our lives when he anoints us.

For instance, Jesus was anointed to preach [Is 61:1; Lk 4:18], and his body was anointed before his burial [Mk 14:8].  His preaching and earthly ministry are of major importance to Israel, since he came for the lost sheep of the house of Israel.  And his death, burial and resurrection are of major importance to us since through the gospel we are saved.  For both of these, he was anointed.

In the Old Testament, we see the following uses for oil that typify how the Holy Spirit anoints us in the New Testament.  In the anointing oil we see:

The oil of consecration – Ex 29:7-9 – Aaron and his sons were anointed with oil when they were consecrated in the priest’s office.  See Ex 40:13-15.  When you were saved, you were consecrated in the priesthood.  Our priesthood is a holy priesthood [1 Pet 2:5]; it’s a royal priesthood [1 Pet 2:9].  As a priest you have direct access to the Lord through the Holy Spirit [Eph 2:18].  You don’t need to go to God through an earthly priest.  Also, as a priest, you are to offer spiritual sacrifices [1 Pet 2:5].  These are found in Heb 13:15-16; Rom 12:1-2.

The oil of sanctification – Lev 8:10, 12, 30 – the oil was sprinkled on Aaron and his sons to sanctify them.  Likewise, we are sanctified by the Spirit [1 Cor 6:11] and we are to be sanctified fully [1 Thes 5:23; 1 Thes 3:13].  In sanctification we are cleansed, separated from the world, and separated unto the service of the Lord.  God wants us to be “unblameable in holiness.”

The oil of promotion – 1 Sam 16:12-13 – oil was used in the anointing of a king. See Ps 89:20.  We will be promoted to kings and priests in the millennial reign of Jesus [Rev 1:5-6].  Therefore, we should conduct ourselves as the children of a king.  We are not to be proud, but we are follow the Spirit as children of God and as joint-heirs with Jesus [Rom 8:14-17]

The oil of unity – Ps 133:1-2 – See Ex 29:7; 30:25, 30.  Brethren dwelling together in unity is like the precious ointment that was used to anoint Aaron.  In the New Testament, God’s desire is that we dwell together in unity [Eph 4:3].  Many Christians today talk about us “all getting together.”  But these efforts are the efforts of man.  Men want people who have differing views on the body, the Spirit, the hope of their calling, the Lord, the faith, the baptism and the Father [Eph 4:4-6] to put aside their differences and just get along.  The Holy Spirit is not in that.  The “unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace” is strengthened by just “one” of each of the above.  Unfortunately, even those who agree on doctrine are often splintered by division.  The Spirit of God wants the brethren together; the devil wants us apart. 

The oil of gladness – Ps 45:7 – also called the oil of joy [Is 61:3].  At his Second Coming, Jesus will be anointed with the oil of gladness.  And in the millennium, Israel will be anointed with the oil of joy.  The return of the Lord Jesus to reign will certainly be a day of gladness for him, and the restoration of Israel will certainly be a day of joy for them.  Likewise, we will be glad and rejoice when our Savior and King returns to reign in the earth.  We are looking forward to much better times under his rule.  Therefore, we should be looking for him [Titus 2:13].

Conclusion: There are many things the Holy Spirit does in our lives.  However, these things are principal things we are anointed to do typified by the anointing oil in the Old Testament.