Thanksgiving is the Key, Ps 95:2

Thanksgiving is the key to:

Entering the presence of God, Ps 95:1-3, Ps 100:3-4

When you talk to God in your heart, you might sense that you are down here and God is way up there in heaven.  We speak of God as our heavenly Father.  The truth is that we are seated in Christ Jesus in heavenly places.  So, we are way up there with him.

Thanksgiving removes the feeling of distance between you and the Lord.  You can always find something to get down on yourself about.  But when you start acknowledging every good thing which is in you in Christ Jesus, Phile 6, and you start thanking him for all his goodness to you, you find yourself in his presence.  Thanksgiving is the key to entering the presence of God.

Enjoying the peace of God, Phil 4:6-7

You pray and you pour out your supplications to God and yet you are stressed and anxious about the things you have brought to the Lord in prayer.  When you add thanksgiving to your prayer and supplication, THEN the peace of God keeps your heart and mind.  Thanksgiving is the key to enjoying the peace of God.

Exalting the power of God, Ps 26:7, 107:21-22

So many people today don’t even believe in God.  And many who do believe in God have not trusted Jesus Christ to save them.  So, if they exalt the power of God, their words are like the testimony of a spectator who’s not really sure about what he’s seen or saying.

But when you can truly thank God for his power that you have experienced firsthand, your testimony rings as true as a personal beneficiary of his work on your behalf.  You exalt the power of God when you thank him and publish what he’s done for you.

Expressing the praise of God, Ps 69:30-31, 147:7

Sometimes when we sing, we treat the song service like it’s just a routine. Our praises are hollow and our minds are distracted. Our words come from cold hearts.

But when we have hearts that are filled with thanksgiving for God’s goodness and greatness, we magnify God and truly praise him.  He knows the difference.  And thanksgiving is the key to sincerely magnifying God.  Thanksgiving is the key to expressing the praise of God.

Encouraging prayer to God, Col 4:2

Prayer can become a habitual exercise, as well.  But when you approach the Lord with thanksgiving, when you are truly thankful, your prayers are distinctly different.  Prayers with thanksgiving are fervent, earnest, and effectual.


If you have grown cold and your life is mundane, try adding thanksgiving.  It will change your life.  Thanksgiving is the key.