Soul Winning Lesson #5

Soul Winning #5 Bro. Welder CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

In witnessing it is very important to remember that the work is spiritual and that the Holy Spirit is the one who ultimately needs to do the “soul winning.”  The Holy Spirit:

Fills – he fills believers so that we have the power and boldness to witness – in Eph 5:18, when we are filled we “speak” [v.19] – when the disciples were filled in Acts 4:31 they “spake the word of God with boldness” – the power to witness, therefore, comes from the Holy Spirit, Acts 1:8.

Testifies – once the Holy Spirit fills you so that you can witness, he will testify of Jesus Christ through you – in Jn 15:26, Jesus said, “he shall testify of me” – and in Jn 15:27 he said, “ye also shall bear witness” – notice in Jn 16:13, Jesus said, “he shall not speak of himself.”

Reminds – the Holy Spirit uses the testimony of believers and the word of God to operate on the conscience of men – so, according to Jn 14:26, he will bring scriptures to your remembrance that he wants to use in dealing with a man – the more time you spend in the Bible, therefore, the more of an arsenal he has with which to work, 1 Pet 4:11.

Reproves – according to Jn 16:8-11, the Holy Spirit’s aim is to reprove the world of sin, righteousness and judgment:

  • Of sin because they do not believe Jesus – Dr. Ruckman said, “Didn’t you know that unsaved men will confess any sin before they will confess to the sin of rejecting Jesus Christ?”
  • Of righteousness because Jesus rose from the dead and ascended to his Father in heaven – if he had not been righteous he could have never done this; his resurrection and      ascension proved his righteousness
  • Of judgment because the prince of this world is judged – Jesus defeated the devil at the cross and condemned him and all of his worldly followers right there; any man without Christ is going where the devil is going [Rev 20:10, Rev 21:8, Matt 25:41]

Saves – when a sinner is reproved and ready to receive Christ, it is the Holy Spirit who saves him, not you or the prayer he prays – Jn 3:6 shows that a child of God is born of the Spirit – Tit 3:5 shows that the Spirit regenerates us – Rom 8:9-17 shows that our spiritual life and adoption are the work of the Spirit of God.


Prayer is very important in soul winning.

  • Pray for the lost to be saved – 1 Tim 2:1-6
  • Pray for the Lord’s direction – Acts 8:26-27; Acts 16:6-10; Prov 16:9
  • Pray for boldness – Eph 6:18-20; Acts 4:31
  • Pray for wisdom – Matt 10:16; Jas 1:5
  • Pray for grace – Col 4:6