Sing O Daughter of Zion, Zeph 3:14-17

Sing O Daughter of Zion Zeph. 3:14-17 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Sing O daughter of Zion is one of the best passages in the Bible to see why there is so much rejoicing in the Psalms and why there are so many references to overthrowing the enemies of Israel.  The passages are mostly Second Advent passages.

The Jews are told to sing and shout; to be glad and to rejoice.  Why?  They sing because:

They are no longer under harsh judgments – The harsh judgments prophesied in Lev 26 are finally lifted [Lev 26:14-46].

Jerusalem is freed from all her enemies – Those who took them captive are now their captives [Zech 12:8-9; Is 60:14-15; Ps 92:9-12].

The Lord is in Jerusalem – The Lord Jesus Christ rules and reigns from the throne of David in Jerusalem [Ezek 48:35; Ps 128; Zech 14:16].

The Jews will not see evil any more – The days of judgment are passed and Israel will never again be subverted by another nation [Ps 97:9-12; Ps 121].

They are at rest – The millennial reign of Jesus is a time of rest.  Israel will rest in him from all their oppression, affliction and persecution [Ps 132:13-18; Ps 122].

There is joy forever more – Israel rejoices eternally when they are reconciled to God and living peacefully with him [Ps 95].