Rebels Against the Words of God, Ps 107:10-15

Rebels Against the Words of God Ps. 107:10-15 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

When men become rebels against the words of the Lord [Ps 107:11] and contemn the counsel of the most High, they find themselves in ever increasing trouble.  Once the trouble starts it only gets worse with time.  Rebels against the words of God become:

Disoriented – Ps 107:10 – because they are in darkness and in the shadow of death [Jn 3:19; Prov 4:19].  They can’t see where they are going or how to get out of the mess they are in.  When you try to help them, they don’t get it because you are in the light and they are in the dark.  And at this point they still like being in the dark.  They love darkness.  Then they go from here to being:

Distressed – Ps 107:10 – because they get bound in affliction and iron.  Sin and the world will put you in a bind [Prov 5:22; Ex 1:13-14, Egypt is a type of the world].  So will the devil when he takes you captive [2 Tim 2:25-26].  Some men pride themselves on their distresses.  They think handling a heavy load makes them seem tougher.  Then they go from here to being:

Discouraged – Ps 107:12 – because their hearts are brought down with labor.  When you are discouraged you lose your desire to fight [Deut 20:8].  They get to the place where everything starts going wrong.  Then they go from here to being:

Defeated – Ps 107:12 – because they fall down and they stay down.  We all know what it is to fall down.  A just man falleth seven times… BUT… he riseth up again [Prov 24:16].  When a rebel falls under the weight of his sin and its consequences, he just can’t take it anymore.  Then they go from here to being:

Deserted – Ps 107:12 – because there is none to help.  This is how far down some men have to get before they will cry out to God.  And if you keep stepping in to help them, then they will never get the help they need.  The prodigal son got down this far but he returned to his father because he knew that he wouldn’t abandon him.  Neither will the Lord abandon you.

Conclusion: if, when people become rebels and get this beat up with sin, they will cry out to the Lord, God will save them out of their distresses.  Then they will have plenty for which to praise the Lord [Ps 107:13-15].  If this is where you are then all you need to do is cry out to the Lord for help and salvation.