Putting Away Bitterness, Eph 4:30-32

We have some excellent sermons and radio broadcasts on the subject of bitterness posted on line.  For example, The Evil Effects of Bitterness and Naomi’s Bitterness.  But there is something about putting away bitterness that is not covered in these other sermons.  So, we need to discuss putting away bitterness tonight.

Bitterness is a deadly poison, Jas 3:8-11.  Bitterness fouls the water in your fountain.  You can’t bless God and curse man with the same mouth.  The sweet water that should be there is fouled by the bitter water that’s in you.

Bitterness grieves the Holy Spirit, Eph 4:30.  Your bitterness grieves the Holy Spirit more than you are grieved by the offence that caused your bitterness.  And when he is grieved it is very difficult, if not impossible, for you to be aware of his leadership in your life.

Bitterness must be put away from you, Eph 4:31.  But putting away bitterness is easier said than done.  It’s like Newton’s cradle.  You feel bitterness as it courses through you to remind you what made you bitter.  You think about what made you bitter and you feel the bitterness coursing through you.  The only way to stop this constant thinking and feeling, feeling and thinking about the offence or the offender is by putting away the bitterness.

Bitter water must be flushed out by sweet water, Jn 7:38-39.  When you put away bitterness, the clear clean water of the Holy Spirit within you starts flowing to irrigate the wound brought on by the the circumstance or offence.  The Holy Spirit cleanses out the poison of bitterness.

After putting away the bitterness, you will be kind, Eph 4:32. Kindness is something that can be pretended.  But when a bitter person pretends to be kind, that’s hypocrisy, Prov 11:9.  However, after putting away bitterness, you will be tenderhearted and forgiving and your relationship with the Lord and your relationship with others will be much better.  You won’t have to fake it.  And you will be much happier than you have ever been.