Preach The Word, 2 Tim 4:2

Preach the Word 2 Tim. 4:2 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

We hope by this message to encourage you to preach the word.  If you don’t preach, then we hope to instruct you on what preaching should entail.

Preach Biblically – “preach the word”.  Preaching should expound the text, the passage, the topic or the doctrine that comes directly from the Bible.  Too often preaching is man’s topic, opinion, philosophy or psychology that he then supports by something he finds in the Bible.  This is not Biblical preaching.

Preach Constantly – “in season, out of season”.  You aren’t always going to feel like preaching and you aren’t always going to be preaching to a receptive crowd.  Nevertheless, you need to preach when God has a message.  In your weakness the Lord is strong [2 Cor 12:9-10].

Preach Pointedly – “reprove, rebuke, exhort”.  When you preach you cannot always be positive and encouraging.  Good preaching involves negative and hard preaching, as well, against sin, worldliness, humanism and so forth.  Modern popular preachers do not reprove and rebuke.

Preach Patiently – “longsuffering”.  The folks to whom you preach probably won’t come around to the truth the first time you preach it.  You must continue to preach patiently until the truth sinks in and their lives begin to change.  It is not uncommon these days for men to sit under gospel preaching for several months before they believe and trust Jesus.

Preach Doctrinally – “doctrine”.  People need doctrine and that’s what they cannot endure these days.  Don’t change your preaching to suit their lack of tolerance for the truth.  Scripture is profitable for doctrine, first of all, and so we must continue to preach it.  The modern motivational speakers and teachers have turned their appeal to those who have turned their ears away from the truth.

Conclusion: If you are called to preach, preach the word this way.  If you aren’t called to preach then be sure to sit under a preacher who preaches the way Paul told Timothy to preach.