Pray Up Treasure in Heaven, Matt 6:19-21

Praying Up Treasure in Heaven Matt 6: 19-21 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Many years ago, I heard Jim Modlish preach a sermon on prayer from Matt 6:19-21, that I believe he titled, “The Prayer Bank.”  Matthew 6 is a chapter devoted almost entirely to prayer.  For instance, the “Lord’s Prayer” is in this chapter.  So, Bro. Modlish concluded that there must be something about laying up treasure in heaven that has something to do with prayer.

In fact, you and I have a prayer bank account in heaven (Rev. 5:8; Rev. 8:3-4), just like you have a financial bank account on earth.  Your prayer bank is where prayers are deposited and where prayers are withdrawn.  In other words, sometimes when you pray, you make deposits; and other times when you pray, you make withdrawals.  But, just like at your local bank, if you want to make a withdrawal, you have to have something deposited in there from which to draw.

Now, the way to make prayer deposits is to pray for others (Lk 6:28).  Because when you pray for others, you are “giving.”  And, according to the Bible, when you “give, it shall be given unto you,” (Lk 6:38).  That which is given unto you is like the interest you receive on the money you deposit at the bank.  This principle that works in the financial realm works in the realm of prayer, as well.

Oftentimes, Christians make the mistake of praying mostly for themselves, while neglecting to pray for others.  This neglect leaves their prayer bank account balance in the “red.”  They are overdrawn most of the time, resulting in additional personal prayers being drawn against “insufficient funds.”

Here are some excellent examples from the Bible on praying up treasure in heaven.  You pray up treasure in heaven through:

Intercession – the following are examples of men who prayed for others, no matter that some were hard to deal with:

  • Gen. 20:7, 17 – Abraham prayed for Abimelech, a heathen king, and God healed him and his wife.  The Lord gave Abraham and Sarah a baby in the next chapter (Gen 21).
  • Num. 11:2 – Moses prayed for the Jews in the wilderness and God quenched the fire.
  • Num. 21:7 – Moses prayed for the Jews when they were getting bit by the fiery serpents.
  • Deut 9:20, 26 – Moses prayed for his brother and for the Jews so that God would not destroy them.  And Moses, who was denied entrance into the promised land, will return in the Tribulation to walk all over that land for 42 months prophesying before the Lord’s return.
  • Job 7:17-21 – Job prayed for himself and confessed everything he knew, but he still was not released from his captivity.  He finally “got ahold of God” when he prayed for his “friends,” (Job 42:7-10).
  • John 17:9, 15, 20 – At the hour of Jesus’ most intense agony, he prayed very little for himself; rather he prayed for “others.”  And God gave him millions of others who were redeemed because he died for them.

Confession – in Dan. 9:4-20, Daniel confessed his iniquity and the transgressions of his people, and then God “gave” him the answer that allowed him to understand the matter (Dan. 9:21-27).  In Lev 26:40-44, God promised to “give” Israel relief when they confess their iniquity.  Confession removes any iniquity that’s standing in the way of you and the Lord (Is 59:2).  You make good deposits to your heavenly prayer bank account when you confess to the Lord.

Thanksgiving – in Ps. 50:14-15, when you offer thanksgiving to God you are “given” deliverance.  In Phil 4:6-7, when you offer prayers with thanksgiving, God “gives” you peace of mind and peace of heart.  You make good deposits to your heavenly prayer bank account when you pray with thanksgiving.

Personal Prayers – these are withdrawals.  But remember that you have to have something on deposit before you can make the withdrawal.  In 2 Cor 12:7-9, Paul prayed for himself and the Lord supplied him with grace.  Remember, when you pray for yourself, be content with the answer.

Conclusion: You open your prayer bank account by praying.  You accept the prayers that Jesus prayed for you (Heb 7:25).  Then you confess the Lord Jesus (Rom 10:9-10).  Then you thank Him for dying for you.  And finally, you pray to receive Him as your Savior (Jn 16:23-24).  So, open your account today and start making deposits.  One day you may need to make a very large withdrawal!