Male and Female

Male and Female


God created them male and female. [Matt.19:4], Jesus repeats these facts. By definition men and women are different. [Matt.19:5-6], but we were made to go together! So we should complement each other. What does woman need in a man? What does a man need in a woman? What does the Bible say?

What does a Woman need in a Man?

A Ruler in the Home

[Gen.3:16] God commanded it! [1Cor.14:34-35] silence. [1Tim.2:11-12] not usurp authority over a man

[1Cor.11:3] the head of the woman is the man, [Eph.5:22-24] [Gen.5:2] She has the Man’s name.

[1 Tim.3:4,12] ruler of the house, [Prov.14:1] if wise “buildeth up”

A Man who praises her

[Prov.31:28-31], must be praise worthy, but must be praised also. [Prov.25:11] words fitly spoken No flattery or deception [Rom.16:17-18]

A Man who communicates

[SOS. 2:8,14] a sweet voice, [Ps.119:103] sweet words, [Eph.4:29] to edify everyone all the time

A man who is romantic

[Col.3:19] a love that is seen! Women need romance!

Five Love languages:

Receiving gifts – actions speak louder than words, they appreciate the time and thought spent

Quality Time – undivided attention

Words of affirmation – I love you/ I appreciate what you did

Acts of service – things that you do to pamper or remove burdens

Physical touch – holding hands or hugs

What does a Man need in a Woman?

A lady who is a help meet for him

[Gen. 2:18] A match. [Prov.18:22] should be a “good thing”, [Prov.19:14] prudent

A true lady, soft, sweet, delicate, gentle –

[1 Pet.3:7] the weaker vessel to be honored [SOS. 6:9] NOT – [Prov. 19:13, 21:9&19, 25:24]

A Lady who cares for the home and family

[1Tim.5:14][Titus 2:5] [Prov.31:10-31]

A lady who will reverence her husband

[Eph.5:33] respect and affection [1 Pet.3:5-6] submission

A lady who controls her tongue

[1Pet.3:1-4] chaste conversation [Prov.31:26] law of kindness

Don’t try to find the perfect spouse. Put all your effort in becoming the perfect spouse, and let God take care of the rest!