The Lord Fights Israel’s Battles, 2 Chr 32:1-22

The Lord Fights Israels Battles 2 Chr. 32:1-22 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

As war in the Middle East becomes more inevitable, just remember that the Lord fights Israels battles.  In 2 Chr 32, Judah is attacked by Sennacherib as he makes preparations to besiege Jerusalem and defeat Hezekiah.  From this passage, we see how the war is going to go in the Middle East as Muslim nations eventually cooperate with the antichrist and other Gentile nations in an effort to destroy Israel once and for all.  These nations will not succeed in their campaign.  Here’s what’s going to happen.

The armies will enter Judah – 2 Chr 32:1-2 – As Sennacherib led the Assyrians to invade Judah with the determination to take Jerusalem, so the armies will come to fight against Jerusalem [Zech 14:2].  You can be certain of it because God is going to gather them there [Zeph 3:8].  Before the war is over it’s going to look like Israel will lose for sure.

Israel will wisely defend itself – 2 Chr 32:3-6 – As Hezekiah wisely diverted the water of the brook, fortified the city and prepared his military, so Israel will be properly prepared to fight off the attack of the invading armies.  Israel’s reputation in war since becoming a nation has been that of a country that can defend itself well.  But these efforts will not be enough.

Israel will have to turn to the Lord – 2 Chr 32:7-8 – As Hezekiah turned Judah to the Lord for protection against the Assyrians, so Israel will turn to the Lord for protection against the armies that come to destroy them.  Israel has been blinded against the Lord God ever since Is 6:9-12, and against the Lord Jesus Christ ever since Matt 12.  But before the antichrist and his armies can win the victory, Israel is going to turn to the Lord.  Their blindness will be removed as the Lord comes to deliver them.  When they rest in him and trust in him he saves them [Rom 11:25-26].

International propaganda will be used against Israel – 2 Chr 32:9-19 – the purpose of the propaganda will be primarily to discourage the Jews from defending themselves and from trusting the Lord to deliver them.  They will try “to affright them, and to trouble them,” [2 Chr 32:18].  This is the method that is being used now to discourage you.

The Lord will come and defeat Israel’s enemies – 2 Chr 32:20-22 – at just the time when Sennacherib was sure that he could defeat Israel, after railing on the Lord God of Israel, he was defeated by the Lord.  The same thing is going to happen to the antichrist’s armies Dan 7:25-27.

Conclusion: just remember when you are facing what appears to be a superior foe, do not trust the arm of flesh; trust the Lord our God to help you and to fight your battles.  These days we put way too much confidence in the arm of flesh [2 Chr 32:8].  There is no need for that much trust in the arm of flesh.  Not a thing Hezekiah prepared was used to fight the Assyrians.  When God gets in the fight, just one of his many angles can destroy anything or anyone that stands against you.  The other thing to remember is that an international propaganda war is being waged against God like Sennacherib waged against the Lord God.  Do not for a minute believe that bunk and don’t be affrighted and troubled.  There be more with us than with them!!  Our Lord will win and he will reign!!  Even if it looks like there is no hope, there is always hope in the Lord.  Don’t let the Lord’s enemies talk you out of trusting and resting in God.  They all sound like Sennacherib boasting against God.  They boast to their own destruction.