Lessons from David and Goliath, 1 Sam 17:34-54

1 Sam 17:34-54 Lessons from David and Goliath CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

The historical account of David and Goliath is well known.  So, we won’t retell it.  However, there are some fabulous lessons from this account and we will elaborate on those.

Smaller trials prepare you for tougher battles – 1 Sam 17:34-37 – David had experience with a lion and a bear that prepared him for his duel with Goliath.  When you face tough situations, you have to get through them because they will strengthen you and your faith for the next battle you will face in your life.  Some people complain that the Lord should keep them out of these trials.  But in life you cannot escape them; you have to overcome them.  Also, remember that when you win one, you are probably going to face another, even tougher, one.

You only need so much armor to fight – 1 Sam 17:38-39 – in Eph 6:10-18 you are given the whole armor of God, which is all you need to fight your spiritual battles.  The trouble with some folks is that they don’t think they can win with just those pieces of armor.  So, they are always looking for better and bigger solutions.  The Christian bookstores and authors are making a good living selling a lot of these extras.  In truth, you have all you need in prayer, salvation, righteousness, truth, faith, the gospel and the word of God.  You just need to go with these.

But you have to know how to use that armor – 1 Sam 17:40 – this was obviously not David’s first time to use a sling and a stone.  He had been practicing.  Likewise, you need to practice and become proficient with the weapons that God has given you.  By the way, David took 5 stones because Goliath had 4 brothers [1 Chr 20:4-8, 2 Sam 21:19].

Resist the devil and he will flee from you – 1 Sam 17:40-44, 48, 51 – Goliath is a type of the antichrist.  In v. 40, David drew near to the Philistine; he didn’t run from Goliath.  And when you stand and resist the devil, and humble yourself under the mighty hand of God, the devil will flee from you [Jas 4:6-7; 1 Pet 5:6-9].

The curse causeless shall not come – 1 Sam 17:43-44 – Prov 26:2 – Goliath’s curse was absolutely ineffective.  His gods could do nothing against David.  But the Lord God could surely do something against Goliath.  Talk is cheap.  So, don’t be afraid of the threats and jeers of your peers.  You have the Lord God on your side.

Fight your battles in the name of the Lord – 1 Sam 17:45-47 – His name is above every name and in his name is your help and safety [Acts 4:12; Phil 2:9-11; Prov 18:10; Ps 118:10-12].  The end result is that you win and the Lord gets the glory, with the intent that the entire world may know him.

Eventually the devil is going to lose his head – 1 Sam 17:51, 54 – Just like David killed Goliath by hitting him in the head and then cutting his head off, so the devil is going to get it in the head, Gen 3:15; Jud 5:26; Rom 16:2.

One man’s courage is enough to strengthen an entire army – 1 Sam 17:52 – The whole army was struck with fear by the threats of Goliath.  After they saw Goliath defeated and the courage of David to fight him, then the rest of the army was encouraged to fight.  Likewise, they were encouraged after the defeat of Ziklag [1 Sam 30.  And we will all be encouraged after witnessing Jesus’ victorious fight at the Second Coming [Is 63:3, Joel 2].

Conclusion: be encouraged in your spiritual battles by the lessons you learn from David and Goliath.