Just Two or Three, Deut 17:6

According to Deut 17:6, just two or three witnesses are sufficient to establish the evidence necessary to bring a conviction against a man for murder.  One witness is not sufficient, but more than three are not necessary.  Likewise, we find that just a few are sufficient for us in other matters, as well.  We need just two or three:

Faithful witnesses – Deut 17:6 – we find two or three witnesses in Matt 18:16, 2 Cor 13:1, and 1 Tim 5:19.  These passages establish the pattern that is necessary to establish a truth.  When you stand firm in your belief that the King James Bible is the true word of God, you don’t need the majority to back you.  A few faithful witnesses are sufficient.

Obedient servants – 2 Ki 9:30-33 – Jezebel was a very wicked queen, the wickedest queen  Israel ever had.  She was so treacherous that she even scared Elijah [1 Ki 19:1-3].  Yet, when Jehu came to kill her, it only took two or three eunuchs to throw her over the wall.  That’s all.  Likewise, you don’t need an army to get the work of God done.  Remember that Jonathan and his armor bearer were able to destroy 20 men in the garrison of the Philistines and that started a rout [1 Sam 14].  Just two or three obedient servants to serve with you are sufficient to get the work done.

Steadfast friends – Ecc 4:9-12 – two are better than one; a threefold cord is not quickly broken.  You and I just need a few really steadfast friends in this life.  You don’t want to be without friends.  Steadfast friends help you through difficult times when you might falter.  In Lk 12:52, the division over the Lord causes houses to be divided, “three against two, and two against three.”  With a steadfast friend, thank God, it will never be four against one.

Prayer partners – Matt 18:19-20 – churches have cancelled the Wednesday night prayer meeting because the numbers of folks attending have dropped.  It only takes two or three prayer partners for the Lord to show up.  You can pray with your wife, with your children, with your staff, and with others who are close to you.  It takes just a few.  The Lord promises that he’ll be there and that he’ll answer.

Remaining souls – Is 17:4-7 – after the harvest there are just gleaning grapes.  And after the harvest of souls from the prior decades, there are just gleaning grapes that remain.  They are harder to get and there are less results.  However, It is enough for us to go after those two or three souls in this time of gleaning.  

Conclusion: today everyone seems to be impressed with numbers; the more the better.  God, on the other hand, reassures us that just two or three will do.