Josiah’s Pattern for Life, 2 Chr 34:3

Josiah’s Pattern for Life 2 Chr.34: 3 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Josiah’s life is a great pattern for life, particularly, the Christian Life, but for one thing.  He started off seeking the Lord at a young age and he grew in his walk with the Lord throughout his life.

He sought the Lord when he was young – 2 Chr 34:3 (8th year, 16 yrs old) he began seeking the Lord.  Seek ye the Lord while he may be found [Is 55:6].  Young people need to develop their own relationship with the Lord.

He purged out idolatry as he matured – 2 Chr 24:3 (12th year, 20 yrs old) he began purging the high places, getting the idolatry out (Jn 15:2).   As we grow we need separation from the world and we need to get things out our life that are the idols of our heart.  This is a good pattern for life.

He improved the house of God – 2 Chr 34:8 (18th year, 26 yrs old) he began to repair the house of the Lord.  We need to come to the place in our twenties where we look for what we can do for others.  We need to apply ourselves to the task of improving the church and supplying its needs.

He committed his life to the Lord – 2 Chr 34:18-21, 30.  He read the book of the Lord and got a true picture of the condition of the world.  He made a covenant with the Lord to serve him with all of his heart and soul (v.31).  We need to make a commitment of our lives to the Lord.  This is an excellent pattern for life.

He influenced others with his testimony – 2 Chr 35:6 he kept the passover and got others to keep it with him.  He prepared for them (35:7-18).  We must come to the place where we do all we can to influence others with our witness and testimony.  We need to help them come to the Lord and grow in grace and in the knowledge of the Lord.

But he mistakenly picked a fight with the devil – 2 Chr 35:20-24 (31st year, 39 years old) he died in a fight with Pharaoh Necho.  We are to resist the devil; we are not to attack him (Jas 4:7; 1 Pet 5:6-9; Eph 6:11-12, 16).  It is too easy to get lifted up in pride after you have faithfully served the Lord for a while.  You ,must remain humble through your entire Christian life.  You never get to the place where you can withstand the devil inn your own might.  You need the Lord.  Many good men have fallen late in their lives.

Conclusion: Start right with the Lord and early, purge out your life, get into the house of the Lord, read the book, commit, get others involved and resist the devil, but don’t lift yourself up… stay humble.  This is the ideal pattern for life.