Jehoshaphat a Godly Leader, 1 Chr 17:3-20

Jehoshaphat a Godly Leader 1 Chr. 17:3-20 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Jehoshaphat a Godly Leader.  What Israel needs today is a godly leader like Jehoshaphat.  With the exception of a couple of bad decisions regarding the 10 northern tribes, Jehoshaphat demonstrated some characteristics of the kind of leader that Israel should have today.  Unfortunately, I don’t believe they are going to get a leader anywhere close to what they need until Jesus returns to reign.

Jehoshaphat a godly leader – notice his:

Personal devotion to the Lord.   As a ruler, he sought the Lord [2 Chr 17:3-5] his heart was lifted up in the ways of the Lord [v.6].

Godly public education.  He had several of his princes and the Levites teach the people out of the book of the law [2 Chr 17:7-9].

God-blessed Economic Growth.  The Lord blessed him with a strong economy [2 Chr 17:12-13].

Strong Military.   He built a strong military [2 Chr 17:14-18].  Consider the great leaders who had great militaries and great military leadership [Abraham, Joshua, Gideon, David, Jesus Christ (at his 2nd Advent), etc.].

National Revival – in 2 Chr 19:4 he brought them back to the Lord.

God-fearing judiciary – he set judges in the land who ruled in the fear of God [2 Chr 19:5-11].

Divine protection.  The fear of the Lord fell on the kingdoms [2 Chr 17:10] so they did not have war.  Yet when he was later nearly killed, the Lord moved the enemies away from him [2 Chr 18:31] and when Judah was later attacked, God ambushed them [2 Chr 20:22-24].

Victory in war.  2 Chr 20:15-25 and the war was followed with peace as before [2 Chr 20:29-30].

There are exceptions in every good leader and Jehoshaphat certainly had his.  In 2 Chr 18:1-34 he had affinity with Ahab and fought in a battle that he should have never fought in [once he sought the Lord thru Micaiah].  God judged the alliance with Ahab as bad [2 Chr 19:2] and once wasn’t enough for Jehoshaphat because he tried to form the alliance with Israel a second time [2 Chr 20:35-37] and God stopped him.   A godly leader cannot look to the arm of flesh; he must look to God.