How God Reveals His Will to Us

How God Reveals His Will to Us

How does God reveal his will to us? We all want to make decisions and choices that line up with the will of God. So what are the things that we should consider?


The Testimony of Scripture         [Heb.4:12] “… a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.”

  • Scripture is alive and powerful
  • Scripture knows you
  • God uses his word to direct you, [Rom.4:3] “what saith the scripture?”
  • He will never direct you contrary to his word
  • For example, you get a great job offer that will not allow you to attend church anymore because of your new schedule, probably no God’s will.


The Testimony of the Holy Spirit              [John 16:13] “…he will guide you into all truth…”

  • He is the Spirit of truth, not error [1 Jn.4:6]
  • [2 Cor.2:9-16] He teaches and instructs us, and we need Him to spiritually discern things
  • The Holy Spirit is not “feelings”, it is teaching and instruction, Be careful!
  • [Acts 16:5-10] “…the Spirit suffered them not.” But through a vision Paul knew that Macedonia was the place he ought to be. (You are not going to get direction from God by vision!!!)


The Testimony of the Brethren                 [Prov.11:14] “…in the multitude of counsellers there is safety…”

  • Godly counsel never contradicts
  • Beware of the counsel of friends [1 Sam13] “…but Amnon had a friend,”
  • Recruit a group of Godly, wise, and experienced counselors
  • How did things go for others who made those choices? Make notes.


The Testimony of Circumstance                                [2Cor.2:12] “…a door was opened unto me of the Lord.”              

  • God opens doors, [Col.4:1-4] [Acts 14:23-28]
  • Satan opens doors [Gen.3:5-7] they were warned [Gen.2:16-17]
  • “Sin lieth at the door”, [Gen.4:7] always there ready to trip you up.
  • [Acts 20:22-23] Paul going to Jerusalem – a noble cause
  • [Acts 21:4] warned by the Spirit through disciples
  • [Acts 21:10-13] warned again by Agabus – the brethren
  • God used many circumstances to dissuade Paul to go to Jerusalem.
  • Result – lost two years of ministry [Acts 24:27]


God will get glorified…..

Will God get the glory for your decision and for the results? Do you have peace? [Phli.4:6-7 & 9]

God will answer your request (prayer) with the above and it will result in peace for you and Glory for God.