Holy Spirit as Water, Jn 7:38-39

The Bible often uses metaphors to communicate spiritual truths.  In Jn 7:38-39, we see the Holy Spirit likened to water.  When you study the properties of water, you learn more about the Holy Spirit.  For starters, water typifies the Trinity.  The triple point of water at .01 degree C and 6.1173 millibars of pressure becomes solid [ice], liquid [water], and vapor, simultaneously.  The Spirit is in all the persons of the Godhead.  God is a Spirit, Jn 4:24, Jesus Christ is the Spirit incarnate, Matt 1:20, and of course, the Holy Spirit is the Spirit.

By studying water, you learn that the Holy Spirit:

Is Essential.  As you cannot live without water so you cannot have spiritual life apart from the Spirit of God, Jn 3:6.  Once you are saved you need to be filled with the Spirit to keep from becoming spiritually dehydrated, Eph 5:18.  Our bodies are approximately 85% water and thus the Spirit of God needs to be full in our lives.  far too many Christians are spiritually dehydrated.  Bro. Dickman used to tell me to tank up because, when we were working hard in the sun, it was often easy to forget to drink water.  As you work for the Lord you need to remember to tank up on the Spirit!

Is Cleansing.  As water cleanses you, so the Holy Spirit washes and sanctifies you, 1 Cor 6:11, Tit 3:5.  When you find that your life is filled with unclean thoughts it may be that you have been resisting the cleansing work of the Holy Spirit in the same way that children run away when it’s time to take a bath.

Is Satisfying.  As water quenches thirst, so the Spirit of God satisfies your thirst for righteousness.  The trouble is that many Christians don’t thirst for righteousness and so they attempt, like Demas, to find satisfaction in the things of the world.  In that case you need to taste and see that the Lord is good, Ps 34:8.

Is Free.  As water is free, so the Spirit of God is given to you freely.  Lk 11:13 says, “how much more shall your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to them that ask him”.  You do not earn him by your conduct or good works and he is equally available to the worst sinner as well the most sanctified saint.  You will never receive a better free gift after salvation than the Holy Spirit.

Is Everywhere.  Since the Holy Spirit is God he is omnipresent.  As water is available to men all over the earth, so the Holy Spirit is available even in the closed countries of the world.  We need to be conscious and prayerful about where he is working and where he wants us to help his men who are working there.  We must realize that he is working here in Corpus Christi through us in a very special way right now and we need to be available to him to do all that he wants to do.