Great Sins, 1 Sam 2:17

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In 1 Sam 2:17, the sin of Eli’s sons was very great.  They caused the men of Israel to abhor the offering of the Lord.  In the Bible there are several great sins and today we are going to see what they are.  Keep in mind that all unrighteousness is sin and that if a man breaks one commandment, he breaks them all [Jas 2:10].  However, these particular sins are identified as “great” in the Bible and that’s true in part because they adversely affect entire societies and nations.  These great sins are:

Homosexuality – Gen 18:20 – This is the sin of same gender sex.  This sin is called an abomination by the Lord in Lev 18:22, Lev 20:13, Rom 1:26-28.  Sodom and Gomorrah were  annihilated as a result of this sin.

Adultery – Gen 20:9, 39:9 – This is simply the thought [Matt 5:28] or the act of fornicating.  This sin was recognized as a great sin even by a heathen king.  And yet this sin is the subject matter of most movies, television shows, and literature.

Idolatry – Ex 32:21, 2 Ki 17:21 – This is putting other gods before the Lord.  It is one of the most common sins in the Bible and it is practiced routinely by religions and religious people world-wide today.  Islam is idolatry.  Roman Catholicism is idolatry.  And this sin affects multiple generations within countries where it is practiced [Ex 20:4-6].

Extortion – 1 Sam 2:17 – This is using one’s position of authority to exact money from people.  The Pharisees did this in Jesus’ day [Matt 23:25] and modernist preachers are using their pulpits for the same sin today.

Pride – 2 Sam 24:10 – This was David’s motive for numbering the children of Israel.  The plague broke out because he neglected to collect the requisite ransom to atone for their souls [Ex 30:11-16].

Anti-Semitism – 2 Chr 28:13 [or anti-Zionism] – Though this sin was committed by Israel against Judah, it demonstrates that when a nation attacks the Jews, they are going to get it from God [Gen 12:3].

Conclusion: Now when you consider the world’s attitude toward these sins today, the world favors these sins over God and over God’s hatred of these sins.  These are the main sins of the antichrist and so the world is preparing to experience these sins in full bloom.  The Bible tells us what the Lord is going to do to the world for continuing to commit and propagate these sins, 1 Thes 5:3 and 2 Thes 1:7-9.  None of these will be evident during the millennial reign of Jesus, praise the Lord!!