Good Moms, Prov 31:1

Good Moms Prov. 31:1 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

The Bible has much to say about good moms.  If you will follow what the Bible says, you are not guaranteed that all of your children will turn out just right.  But you have the best opportunity of rearing good children if you follow what God shows you in the Bible.

Good moms teach – Prov 31:1 – Lemuel was a king.  His mother taught him the prophecy that he wrote in Prov 31.  She taught him to not give his strength to women.  She taught him not to drink.  She taught him to plead the cause of the poor.  See why in Prov 29:14. She taught him the finer characteristics of a virtuous woman so he would know what to look for.  Teach your children.

Good moms command – Prov 1:8 – Prov 1:8 talks about the instruction of a father and the law of a mother.  She can lay down the law.  And she can enforce her law.  Because mothers nurture their children in infancy and youth and because they are generally more emotional, they sometimes have a hard time with commanding their children.  You are not going to love your children into obedience.  You are not going to induce your children into obedience.  You are not going to get your children to obey you if you are afraid of them or afraid of losing them.  You must command obedience.

Good moms love – Titus 2:4 – it would seem to go without saying that mothers are to love their children.  However, Paul said that young women have to be taught to love their children.  So, this love is more than natural affection.  True love doesn’t give in to their demands.  True love doesn’t spoil them.  True love doesn’t cushion their falls.  True love doesn’t shield every hardship.  True love sacrifices.

Good moms manifest – 2 Tim 1:5; 2 Tim 3:15 – Timothy’s mother and grandmother manifested a faith in Jesus Christ that set a great example for Timothy to follow.  His mother instructed him in the faith through the scriptures.  And she lived the things she taught him.  He could see in his mother the faith that he would need as he matured.

Good moms train – Prov 22:6 – mothers sometimes get the idea that sending their children to school and helping them with their homework is training.  Not so.  That’s education.  And chastisement is not training.  Chastisement is discipline.  Training is the methodical process through which your children “catch” their life skills.  You invest your life into theirs so that when they are older, the things you imparted to them are the things that they do.

Conclusion: if you have a good mom, thank God for her.  If you are a good mom, keep up the good work.  If you need to be a good mom, now you know how.  Be ye doers of the word and not hearers only.