Is God Real to You?

Is God Real to You?

2 Tim. 1:5

                Unfeigned Faith, speaks of faith that is real, not counterfeit or hypocritical. To have a real faith, God must be real to you, all the time and in every place. This real relationship with God is the cornerstone of everything in your life. Everyone around you, spouse, children, and others should be able to “call to remembrance the unfeigned faith that is in thee”. Paul was persuaded that Timothy had an unfeigned faith, meaning that God was real to him. God has promised to “manifest” himself to us. Manifest means to be made evident to the senses. Has God manifest himself to you? It is impossible to have unfeigned faith in a God that is not real to you. Let’s look at some ways that God is manifest to us.

[John 14:21] Obedience is a way to get the Lord to manifest himself to you. Verse 23 says to “keep his words”.  The Lord has promised to make himself real to you if you obey his words. An unfeigned faith is seen to others in your obedience to God’s words. Christians are often great examples of hypocrites. Even the lost of the world recognize right from wrong, [Romans 2:14-15].

[Romans 1:19-20] Creation is another way that the Lord manifests himself to you. [Job.12:7-10], the hand of the Lord clearly is involved in every part of it. [Ps.19:1-3] It is declared to you, it speaks to you. [Rom.1:25], today folks are serving the creature more than the creator, and they are the most perfect example of people with no faith, and they would be the first to say that God is not real.

[Romans 8:16] The Holy Spirit is another way that the Lord manifests himself to you. Even to a lost person the Holy Spirit has a manifestation, [Jn. 16:8-12]. But “the Spirit of truth” [Verse 13] will guide us into all truth, in decision making processes. We also get help with our sin, righteousness and judgment issues.

[Romans 16:26] Scripture is another way that the Lord manifests himself to you. God speaks to you through the Bible. Your personal reading, teaching and preaching all deliver God’s message to you.

[Heb.4:16] Prayer is a way that the Lord manifests himself to you. Have you ever found mercy and grace in a time of need? God is real. His presence, [Matt. 18:20] is real. His peace, [Phil.4:6-7] passes all understanding.

Is God real to you?  You have just seen several ways that he manifests himself. God must be real to you.