God is Faithful Deut 7:9

God is Faithful Deut 7:9 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

God is faithful.  We are going to look through the Bible today and see the areas of God’s faithfulness.

God’s faithfulness is seen in:

The establishment of the earth – Ps 119:90 – the establishment of the sun, moon and stars is not accidental.  God designed them to function the way they do.  They are evidence that he will keep his covenant with Israel [Jer 31:35-36].

His covenant with Israel – Deut 7:9; Is 49:7 – God said that he would establish them in their land and that he would make them the ruling nation of the world with Jesus sitting on the throne of David to rule the universe.  God will fulfill the covenants he made with Abraham, Moses, David and Israel.

The fulfillment of his promises – Heb 10:23 – Every promise that God made in the Bible he will bring to pass.  Many promises have already been fulfilled [as in the fulfillment of the First Advent prophecies].  Their fulfillment is a testimony to his faithfulness to fulfill all of the other promises he has made.

The righteousness of his words – Ps 119:138 – The Lord’s words are absolutely faithful.  He has preserved them for us so that we may know them.  They are all right [Prov 8:8].

The reconciliation of sinners – Heb 2:17 – He saves every sinner who comes to him through faith in Jesus Christ.  You are his enemy before you are saved but after salvation God reconciles you to himself and makes you his son.

The forgiveness of our sins – 1 Jn 1:9 – There’s not a sin that you can commit that he will not forgive.  The unpardonable sin cannot be committed today.

The assurance of salvation – 2 Tim 2:13 – Because of his faithfulness, he cannot deny himself.  Therefore, even when you doubt your salvation or do something that diminishes your inheritance, Jesus makes sure to keep you saved.

The escape from temptation – 1 Cor 10:13 – The Lord faithfully provides a way to escape every temptation you face.

The answer to prayers – Ps 143:1 – The Lord hears them all.  Of course, we know that there are some conditions in and hindrances to prayer.  Within these, the Lord is faithful to answer.

The abundance of his compassions – Lam 3:23 – You can count on the Lord’s mercy and compassion.  Many of us have returned from a time of recklessness in our lives and the Lord met us with compassion just like the prodigal son’s father met him.

The return of Jesus – Rev 19:11 – Jesus said that he was coming back and you can count on it, in spite of the ignorance of the scoffers.  He is going to get us to heaven in the rapture like he said and then he is coming back to straighten out the mess we have made down here.

Conclusion: There is not a more trustworthy person in the universe than the Lord.  You can count on him for forgiveness, salvation, assurance, answer to prayer and compassion.  Won’t you trust him today?