The Eyes of God, Heb 4:13

The Eyes of the Lord Heb. 4:13 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO of the Eyes of God

The Bible has much to say about the eyes of the Lord.  They are ubiquitous, discerning, frightening, gracious, fixed and fiery.  It is our hope that learning about the eyes of the Lord will draw you closer to him in your personal fellowship with him and draw you further away from the evil that so wickedly tempts us.  The eyes of the Lord are:

Ubiquitous – Prov 15:3; 2 Chr 16:9 – they are in every place and run throughout the whole earth.  Therefore, you have no place to hide [Ps 139:7-12].  You cannot skip church and hide from him.  You cannot sin in the dark and hide from him.  You cannot immerse yourself in the world and among worldly friends and pretend that he doesn’t see you.  You are like a child who covers his own eyes and then says to his parents, “You can’t see me.”

Discerning – Heb 4:13 – all things are naked and opened unto the eyes of him with whom we have to do.  The eyes of God can discern whether you are evil or righteous [1 Ki 15:11, 16:25]. In Prov 5:21 we read, “For the ways of man are before the eyes of the Lord, and he pondereth all his goings.”  Therefore, he can search you and try you and see any wicked way in you, Ps 139:23-24.

Frightening – Prov 20:8 – his eyes scatter away all evil.  And knowing that leads me to think that if we study and carefully consider the eyes of the Lord, he may scatter even further away the evil that already so tempts us.  Look at him eye to eye and face to face.  And if you are lost, you must remember that he will send the wicked off into the lake of fire just by looking at them.  Consider what men will be doing when they find out he is returning [Rev 6:15-17].

Gracious – Gen 6:8 – Noah found grace in the eyes of God.  In 2 Sam 15:25 David hoped to find favor in the eyes of the Lord.  In Lk 7:13 when the Lord saw the widow of Nain, he had compassion on her.  His eyes are as the eyes of doves in SoS 5:12, which are piercing, yet gentle. His gracious eyes temper his frightening eyes.  I would much rather find grace in his eyes than be scattered by them.

Fixed – Deut 11:12 – the eyes of God are always on the land of Israel. The very idea that world leaders would think they could negotiate with that land behind the Lord’s back is just too funny.  That’s his land and he will return to claim it and return it to Israel after he defeats all those who will try to take it away from them.  Furthermore, his eyes are over the righteous [1 Pet 3:12].  So, if you are his, he has his eye on you, as well.  You don’t have to tell him what’s going on. He knows better than we do.

Fiery – Rev 1:14 – his eyes are as a flame of fire [Rev 19:12; Dan 10:6].  When he returns, these fiery eyes are going to take vengeance on them that know not God and that obey not the gospel of the Lord Jesus Chris.  What a day of destruction that will be.

Conclusion: Get saved if you’re not, and stay close to God if you are.  He’s got is eye on you.