Encourage Your Spirit, 1 Sam 1:15-18

There are things in your life that will affect your spirit.  And when your spirit gets down, you are in trouble.  We often think that our spirits won’t be lifted until whatever has gotten us down is resolved or is taken away.  But such is not the case.  You can let your emotions and your fears take you away from the Lord and affect your spiritual condition.  But you can also rely upon several things from the Lord to encourage your spirit in the midst of a trial.  Here are four things that will encourage your spirit.  Encourage your spirit:

By the peace of God – Hannah’s spirit was sorrowful – 1 Sam 1:15-18.  In 1 Sam 1:5-8 the Lord had shut up her womb.  She grieved and she wept.  In 1 Sam 1:10 she was in bitterness of soul, and she prayed unto the Lord.  In 1 Sam 1:12 she continued praying.  In 1 Sam 1:15 she was of a sorrowful spirit, and she poured out her soul before the Lord.  In 1 Sam 1:17-18 Eli told her to go in peace.  Once she had the peace of God, she did eat, and her countenance was no more sad.  Her sorrowful spirit was no more sorrowful, yet she still did not have a son.  She had the peace of God.  When your spirit is sorrowful, pray until the peace of God comes to keep your heart and mind, Phil 4:6-7.  The peace of God will minister to your sorrowful spirit even if the thing that caused your sorrow hasn’t been resolved.

By the truth of God – Job’s spirit was in anguish – Job 7:11.  Job said, “I will speak in the anguish of my spirit.”  He complained in the bitterness of his soul.  He and friends got way off the truth because they didn’t speak the thing that was right of God.  When God showed up, he set them straight.  In Job 42:1-6, Job saw the truth of God.  In Job 42:7 Job spoke the thing that is right of God.  His spirit settled down even before he was healed in Job 42:10.  When you are in anguish, your spirit may distort your view of God.  Get in the Bible and see God in truth.  The truth of God will minister to your anguished spirit even if the thing that caused your distorted view of God hasn’t been resolved.

By the presence of God – David’s spirit was overwhelmed – Ps 143:3-4.  In Ps 143:6 he stretched forth his hands, his soul thirsted after God.  In v.7 he asked the Lord to hide not his face from him.  In v.8 he asked to hear God’s loving kindness in morning; he trusted God.  In v.9, David fled unto the Lord.  In v.8 he prayed, “cause me to know the way.”  In v.9 “deliver me.”  In v.10, “teach me to do thy will, lead me.”  In v.11 “quicken me, bring my soul out of trouble.”  David was overwhelmed by his enemies.  What David did when confronted by his enemies is that he sought the Lord.  He encouraged himself in the Lord.  When your spirit is overwhelmed like David’s, get in fellowship with God.  Fellowship with God will minister to your overwhelmed spirit even if the thing that overwhelmed you hasn’t been resolved.

By the wisdom of God – Solomon’s spirit was vexed – Ecc 2:11.  Solomon wrote, “all was vanity and vexation of spirit.”  In Ecc 2:20-23 you can see what got him down.  But then he sought wisdom from the Lord and concluded in Ecc 2:24; 3:13, that it is a gift of God to be able to enjoy good in your labor.  When your spirit is vexed, your spirit may distort your view of the thing that is bothering you.  Get in the Bible until you see the thing that’s getting you down from God’s perspective, not your own.   The wisdom of God will minister to your vexed spirit even if the thing that is vexing you hasn’t been resolved.

Conclusion: these four things will encourage your spirit and they come from time in prayer, time in the Bible and time in fellowship with God.  Time in prayer, the Bible and fellowship with God are what always suffer when your spirit is depressed.  So, get back to the things that will bring you the peace of God, the truth of God, the presence of God, and the wisdom of God.