In Due Season, Gal 6:9


Gal 6:9 says, “And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.”  The phrase in this verse that is critical to successful reaping is, “in due season.”  You see the trouble today is that there is a tendency to grow weary in well doing and to faint before the reaping.  So, Paul offers the necessary ingredient to keep you going long enough to eventually see the fruit of your labor.  He says that your reaping comes in due season.

There is a season for everything the Lord does.  We have the seasons of the year.  Ecc 3:1-8 says that to every thing there is a season.  Jesus died, was buried and rose from the dead in due season.  Jesus will return for the church in due season.  The Lord will regenerate Israel in due season.  The Lord does not complete his work out of season; he completes his work in due season.  It is vital to our “well doing” that we remember the “due season.

Prayers are answered in due season – People have been praying for the peace of Jerusalem for a long time [Ps 122:6] and we are still waiting for this prayer to be answered.  Yet in due season this prayer will be answered gloriously.  Likewise, you must patiently wait until the Lord answers your prayers in his time.  Don’t grow weary just because hasn’t answered your prayer in the time it takes you to make instant oatmeal.  God has to put all of the pieces together to answer your prayers.  Many times there are many other concerns than just the ones for which you are praying.  The sale of our house in Beeville and the purchase of our house in Corpus Christi are good examples.  It took the Lord over two years to answer those prayers and they were answered on the same day.

Souls are saved in due season – preaching the word of God to the hearts of men is likened to sowing seed.  You are not going to make it sprout if it isn’t sprouting season.  You go digging around in there and you are going to do more harm than good.  Even when the seed takes root in good ground, that seed will not bring forth fruit until it’s due season [just like the seed being harvested in these farms around here].  You can force it all you want; you are not going to change the season.  Likewise, in leading souls to Christ you must give the Holy Spirit all the time he needs to bring a soul to Christ.  Souls are not saved by the will of men no matter how good your soul winning pitch is.  God does the saving or they are not saved.  You must wait until his due season to harvest a soul.

Wayward children, if they ever return to righteousness, come back in due season – there was nothing the prodigal son’s father could have done to turn that boy’s heart back to home before the season that he came to himself in the pig pen.  He just had to wait it out and hope and pray for his return.  I believe that some parents are guilty of over doing it with their wayward kids.  They end up driving them further from the Lord.  These kids must find out for themselves that God is real to them.  And you must let God arrange the perfect circumstances to bring them back to himself.

Men enter the ministry in due season – you may have a real heart for the ministry; but it is the Lord who calls you and he will not enable you and put you into the ministry until he is ready for you.  No matter how much you may want to do something for him, you must wait until your due season.  How many Christians do you suppose died as a result of Paul’s persecution? And yet, the Lord waited until Paul was on the road to Damascus before he saved him and called him into the ministry.  The Lord had chosen him long before that [Gal 1:15] but didn’t call him until his due season [1 Tim 1:11-13].  I believe the season for the Boatman’s to head to Beeville is just right.  It took 15 years to arrange the timing and the circumstances to make this happen.

Conclusion: Give the Lord time to bring forth his fruit in his season [Ps 1:3].