Double Honour, 1 Tim 5:17-18

Double Honour 1 Tim 5:17-18 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Pastors are elders.  If you have a good pastor, you need to thank God and you need to honor him. A pastor like that is worthy of double honor because elders that rule well are worthy of double honour.  Honour your pastor’s:

Oversight – 1 Tim 5:17; 1 Pet 5:1-3 – Honor him because he rules well. He is the man that God has appointed to have oversight over the church. His presence and his obedience to the Lord allow him to protect the flock from grievous wolves on the outside and from men who would draw away disciples after themselves on the inside [Acts 20:28-32].

Labor – 1 Tim 5:18, 1 Pet 5:2 – If your pastor is a man who labors in the word and doctrine, he is worthy of your honor. He needs to labor in the scripture in order to feed the flock. And he needs to labor in the word and doctrine in order to labor in the harvest, seeking lost souls among whom he sows the seed of the word of God.

Motive – 1 Tim 5:18; 1 Pet 5:3 – If your pastor pastors because that’s his calling and not because he is interested in money, he’s a good man worthy of your honor. Many men are in the ministry to make money. But if your pastor’s motive is to simply and sincerely serve God, please God and do his will, then he is not like so many of the pastors today. He has a good motive.  You should take very good care of that man and reward him appropriately.

Example – 1 Pet 5:3 – If your pastor sets a good example for men and young people in your church, he is worthy of your honor. So many pastors have fallen into sin and moral problems. Many people are discouraged about church membership because of how a pastor has hurt them in the past. Your pastor should be a good example to the flock.

Submission – 1 Pet 5:4 – If your pastor loves God and is submitted to the Lord, he is worthy of your honor. The Lord will reward him with a crown of glory for feeding the flock of God and for obeying the Lord’s will. Jesus Christ asked Peter if he loved him and when Peter replied, “Yes,” the Lord answered, “Feed my sheep.” Your pastor should feed the sheep of his flock because he loves God and he loves the sheep [1 Jn 4:21].

Conclusion: Certainly not all pastors are worthy of honour because many have dishonored the office of pastor.  But if you have a good pastor, not only is he worthy of your honour, he is worthy of double honour.  Why double honour?  Because you should honour the office and the man.