But Now

But Now


But now we are in Christ Jesus! Paul explains to the Ephesians the great things that have changed because of Jesus Christ. He said that there was a “wall of partition” between Jews and Gentiles, [verse 14]. He also says that the wall is “the law of commandments contained in ordinances”, [verse 15].

Before Jesus Christ:

Jews got their righteousness by keeping the Law [Deu.6:25]. Gentiles were [verse 12] hopeless and without God in the world.

But now:

[Rom.10:4] Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to every one that believeth. No law, no wall of partition, righteousness to all that believe! [verse 15] “for to make in himself of twain one new man”, Jews and gentiles made one in Christ.


Peace – [verse 14,17] –   [Rom.5:1] We have peace with God. [Phil.4:7] We have the peace of God

Unity – [verse 15]

               [1Cor.12:12] We are all in one body, his body.

               [1Cor.12:25] There should be no schism (division), so we should [Eph.4:3].

Reconciliation – [verse 16]

               [2Cor.5:18-19] We are reconciled to God through Christ, something neither had before

Access – [verse 18]

               [Isa.59:2] Our sin had separated us from God. [Eph.3:12] [Heb.4:16] Now we have access!

Citizenship – [verse 19]

               [Heb.11:8-10] Abraham was promised land and by faith looked for that city.

               [Jn.14:1-6] We have a promised home in the sky

Permanence – [verse 20-21]

               [1Cor.3:9-11] We are built on the surest foundation of all

Fellowship – [verse 22]

               [1Jn.1:3-7] We are built together for fellowship

But now we are in Christ Jesus! Jew or Gentile now can partake in all of these benefits provided by the Lord Jesus Christ. He broke down the wall of partition and abolished the law of commandments contained in ordinances. We are now fellowcitizens with the saints and of the household of God.