We Should Bring Forth Fruit Unto God, Rom 7:4

We Should Bring Forth Fruit Unto God Rom. 7:4 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

When we get saved we should bring forth fruit unto God according to Rom 7:4. We know from reading Jn 15:1-16 that the Lord expects us to bring forth fruit as branches on the vine of Jesus Christ.  In that passage he tells us that in order to produce the fruit he desires, we must abide in him.  He said, “… without me ye can do nothing,” [Jn 15:5].  Then it is evident that this fruit is something that comes forth from him through us, rather than by us for him.  As we study the New Testament we can see what this fruit is that we should be bearing for the glory of God [Jn 15:8].  The fruit that we should bring forth unto God is:

The fruit of his word – Jn 15:7-8; Col 1:5-6 – the word gets inside of you and cleanses you [Jn 15:3] and then it comes forth from you to others as the word is published, quoted, distributed, preached, taught, and spread by any means.  God said that his word will not return void.  We are to sow it in the harvest and we are to reap as the fruit comes to maturity.

The fruit of his righteousness – 2 Cor 9:10; Phil 1:10-11; Heb 12:11 – when we get saved, we are given the righteousness of Jesus Christ.  His righteousness goes to work on the inside of us and begins, in time, to reveal Jesus Christ through us.  His characteristics become apparent as we are conformed to his image by the Spirit of God.  God is looking for the fruit of his righteousness in us.

The fruit of his Spirit – Gal 5:22-23 – the fruit of the Spirit has nine characteristics which we bear in our lives as we are yielded to the leadership and filling of the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit inhabits our bodies but he wants us out of the way completely so that he can do through us what he intends for the glory of God.  Obviously, as you mature spiritually and grow, the fruit of the Holy Spirit is going to become more apparent in you.

The fruit of his wisdom – Jas 3:17-18 – notice the connection here to the fruit of righteousness which we have already discussed.  Wisdom flows from the fear of the Lord and is given to us by the Lord.  It is never contrary to the word of God.  Wisdom is an understanding of the words of God given to you by the Lord that is profitable to direct your life.  It is knowing how to apply the word of God prudently and with discretion in your life.  It is also available so that you can provide wise counsel to others.

The fruit of our good works – Phil 1:22; Col 1:10 – Paul’s epistle to Titus tells us in five places that we are to be zealous to maintain good works.  Because we tend, as humans, to display our own righteousness and to flaunt our good deeds, I put this fruit at the end. As God’s word, Jesus’ righteousness, the Spirit’s indwelling, and divine wisdom bring forth fruit in our lives, then the things we do for the Lord according to the Lord’s will for our lives will also bring forth fruit for his glory.  Col 3:23-24 commands us to do what we do for the Lord’s glory and assures us that he will reward us when we serve him.  This promise certainly puts a high spiritual value on the many good things that we can do for God’s glory. But remember not to concern yourself with your good works to the exclusion of the four other things that we have already study.  I believe many Christians have put their good works ahead of God’s good work through us.

Conclusion: The Lord wants us to bring forth fruit in our lives.  It is, thus, important for us to remember that the fruit he is looking for is the fruit that comes forth from the things he does through us with his word, his righteousness, his Spirit and his wisdom.  When these things are bringing forth fruit in our lives, then it is more likely that the good works that we do for the Lord will also be fruitful.