Biblical Instruction, Prov 8:10

Biblical Instruction Prov. 8:10 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Biblical Instruction is of greater value to you than the accumulation of wealth [Prov 8:10].   Today we are going to look at Biblical instruction to see where it comes from, what it does for you and what happens to you when you refuse it.

Where instruction comes from.  Instruction comes from the scripture [2 Tim 3:16]; the Lord [Job 33:14-17]; your parents [Prov 1:8]; your teachers [Prov 5:12-13] (but be careful here because not all teachers will instruct you in the truth [Prov 19:27]); reproofs [Prov 6:23]; and observation [Prov 24:32].

What instruction does for you.  Instruction is your life [Prov 4:13].  Instruction makes you wise [Prov 8:33].  And instruction makes you prudent (capable of exercising sound judgment in practical matters, circumspect) [Prov 15:5]

What happens when you refuse instruction.  When you refuse instruction you are a fool [Prov 1:7].  You cast God’s words behind you [Ps 50:17].  And you err [Prov 10:17].  You get dishonor, cruelty, bankruptcy (Prov 13:18), disease, sin and great folly [Prov 5:9-11, 22-23].  And you despise our own soul [Prov 15:32].

Conclusion: If you decide to live without instruction, then every bad thing that came upon fools in the Bible can come upon you.  Israel refused the Lord’s instruction [Jer 17:23] and instead of kings continuing on the throne of David [Jer 17:25] their temple and palaces were destroyed and the people were scattered.  Our country has refused the Lord’s instruction and, in time, the same thing will happen here.  If you don’t want your life to be wiped out then start listening to instruction and daily follow what you are instructed to do, in spite of the fact that you don’t like anybody telling you what to do.  You will reap the benefits of instruction and you will be pleased with the results.