Anointing the Priests, Ex 28:41

Anointing the Priests Ex. 28:41 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

When you read about anointing the priests in the Old Testament, you see four words used in connection with their service: anoint, consecrate, sanctify and hallow, Ex 29:21.  These words are so similar that you think they can be used interchangeably.  But there is enough difference in these words that we can actually see why God used four different words to describe what was happening to them.

These four things that happened to Aaron and his sons are the same things that happen to us as priests of the Lord [1 Pet 2:5, 9, Rev 1:6, 5:10].  In order to minister to the Lord we need these four things.  It is beneficial to study these words to help us understand our high calling of God in our salvation.  As Aaron and his sons were, so are we:

Anointed – to anoint is to apply oil to or pour oil upon [Ex 29:7].  Jesus Christ was anointed by the Holy Ghost [Lk 4:18].  When we get saved, we are anointed by the Holy Spirit [1 Jn 2:27; Jn 14:17, 16:13] who is typified by the oil of the Old Testament [1 Sam 16:13].  Therefore, a lost priest can’t minister to the Lord because he is not anointed by the Holy Spirit.  We must rely upon the Spirit of God in us in order to minister to God’s pleasure.

Sanctified – to sanctify is to set apart to a sacred purpose; to make free from sin; to purify, to cleanse [Ex 29:36-37, 43-44].  When we are saved we are sanctified by the Spirit [1 Cor 6:11].  As we grow in Christ, we are continually sanctified by the Spirit, through the word of God [Jn 17:17] and by the blood of Christ [Heb 13:12, 1 Pet 1:2, 1 Jn 1:7].  We are set apart from the world and cleansed from the sin that was in us.  We continue to be cleansed of the sin that is in us.  This cleansing involves washing away our connection to the world.

Hallowed – to hallow is to make holy; to set apart for holy use [Ex 20:8, 11; Ex 28:38, 40:9.  1 Pet 1:15-16].  We are to be holy [1 Pet 2:5].  Everything we deal with when we minister is holy.  The name of God is hallowed, the Spirit of God is holy, the word of God is holy, and our priesthood is holy (just like Aaron’s).

Consecrated – to consecrate is to set apart, to dedicate to the service or worship of God; to devote [Ex 28:41, 29:29, 33].  So, we are set apart FROM the world and we are set apart TO the Lord.  Jesus was consecrated to the Lord.  We are to be dedicated and devoted to God and to his will.

Conclusion: Thus, we are anointed by Spirit when we get saved.  Then we are sanctified, set apart from world and others (the sooner this process takes place the better).  Then we are hallowed, made holy because we were unholy and ungodly before we got saved.  We are made godly like he is.  We can’t do God’s work man’s way; must do it God’s way.  Then we are consecrated, dedicated to do something for God.  When you are consecrated to the Lord in your service to him everything you do can be as unto the Lord and can be for his pleasure and for his glory because you are dedicated and devoted totally to him!!!