Abominations to the Lord, Prov 16:5

Abominations to the Lord Prov. 16:5 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

In the book of Proverbs we learn about five things that are abominations to the Lord.  Each one of these has to do with the wicked.  Yet it is important for us to consider that, even as Christians, these wicked things could be in us and, therefore, cause us to be abominable to the Lord.  The abominations to the Lord are:

The heart of the wicked – Prov 16:5 – the heart of the wicked is proud.  In pride, the heart is not submitted to the Lord.  Therefore, as in witchcraft, it is subject to the power of the devil since he is the “king over all the children of pride,” [Job 41:34].  A person with a proud heart does what he wants to do and justifies his actions against the Lord.  He cannot see his life from God’s perspective nor does he want to.  When you are saved and your heart is lifted up in pride, God resists you.  It is absolutely necessary that you recognize when you are lifted up in pride.   And you must realize how abominable you are when your heart is proud.  Your pride is not different than the pride of a lost man.  However, when you repent and humble yourself, God gives you grace.  And, in due time, he will exalt you [1 Pet 5:5-6].  But not before the “due time.”

The thoughts of the wicked – Prov 15:26 – people sometimes have the idea that sin is not sin until you act upon it.  In other words, they don’t consider wicked thoughts sinful.  Nevertheless, God does.  He is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart [Heb 4:12].  And when he sees wicked thoughts, they are abominable to him.  You must realize that as a saved person, God views your wicked thoughts the same way that he does the wicked thoughts of a sinner without Christ.  One is the same to him as the other.  Therefore, you must filter all of your thoughts through Phil 4:8.  You cannot let wicked thoughts take hold in your mind [2 Cor 10:3-5].

The lips of the wicked – Prov 12:22 – the lips of the wicked tell lies and lying lips are abomination to the Lord.  When the heart is wicked and the thoughts are wicked, what comes out of the mouth will be wicked, too.  God is all about the truth.  He is true.  Jesus Christ is truth.  His words are truth.  Everything about God is true.  Therefore, everything that is a lie is absolutely contrary to God.  The devil is a liar.  And when men and women lie about things like creation and the veracity of the Bible, God sees them as abominable.  Likewise, when you are saved, and you lie, God looks at your lying lips the same way he does the lying lips of a lost man.  Turn away from your lying and speak the truth [Eph 4:25].

The way of the wicked – Prov 15:9 – the way of the wicked is like the broad way that leads to destruction.  Then there is a way of righteousness that is like the narrow way that leads to everlasting life.  God loves those who follow after righteousness.  But he finds the way of the wicked abominable.  He even said to Israel, “neither are your ways my ways,” [Is 55:8].  When you are saved and you take the way of the wicked, God sees your way as an abomination.  Your way doesn’t suddenly become righteous just because you are saved.  You must go God’s way.

The sacrifice of the wicked – Prov 15:8 – the wicked will attempt to appease the wrath of God with a sacrifice.  He won’t change his wicked heart, his wicked thoughts, his wicked lips, or his wicked way.  He will simply offer a token sacrifice so that he can keep doing what his proud heart desires.  This is so typical in religions like Catholicism.  However, many Christians pull the same stunt with God.  They sin willfully and then come to church once in a while to “make it up” to God.  God finds your “sacrifice” abominable.  It is far better to do justice and judgment than it is to sin and then try to buy God off with a sacrifice [Prov 21:3].

Conclusion: Listen, you need to get honest with God.  You are an abomination to God without Christ because your heart is lifted up in pride, your thought is that you can get to heaven without receiving Jesus, your lips profess the lie that you are righteous without Christ, which is an impossibility, and you continue to follow the way of the wicked.  Humble yourself and receive Jesus.  And if you are already saved and your heart is still proud, your thoughts are still wicked, your lips still lie, your way is still contrary to God and you still do a little sacrifice of giving and attending church so that you can keep doing wickedly, you need to repent and change your ways!!  These things are abominations to the Lord.