A Baby or a Blob, Is 49:1

A Baby or a Blob Is 49:1  CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

The question after conception and before birth is whether your child is a baby or a blob.  The Bible says it’s a baby.

When a woman is pregnant, the Bible says and we say, she is a “woman with child,” [Ex 21:22].  We don’t say that she is a woman with “blob.”  When Rebekah conceived, she had “children… within her,” [Gen 25:22].  As a matter of fact, because these children were going to have children that were going to have children that were going to have children, and so forth, the Bible says, “Two nations are in thy womb,” [Gen 25:23].  When you abort you are not just affecting the life of the child you destroy, but also the lives of all of his or her descendants.

Notice these verses in the Bible regarding God’s dealings with some men before they were born.

Covered in the womb – Ps 139:13 – David said, “… thou hast covered me in my mother’s womb.”  In other words, David, and not some blob, was covered by the Lord.

Called from the womb – Is 49:1 – God called Jesus from the womb.  That is, while Jesus was still in the womb, God called him.  He also named him even before he was conceived [Matt 1:21] and made mention of his name.  Even before conception, his gender was known.

Formed from the womb – Is 49:5 – Jesus Christ was formed in the womb of Mary for a specific purpose, to be God’s servant.  And he fulfilled what he was formed to do [Heb 10:5-10].

Known, sanctified, and ordained in the womb – Jer 1:5 – Jeremiah was ordained to be a prophet unto the nations before he was ever born.  God didn’t know, sanctify and ordain a blob.  These things were done to a person.

Filled with the Holy Ghost in the womb – Lk 1:15 – John the Baptist was filled with the Holy Ghost even from his mother’s womb.  Blobs aren’t filled with the Holy Ghost.

Leaped in the womb – Lk 1:41 – at the salutation of Mary, John the Baptist leaped in his mother’s womb.  Blobs don’t leap; baby’s do.

Conclusion: in all these cases, children were in the womb and God was dealing with them as people.  Do not let anyone lie to you about what is in your womb.  That’s a child.  No telling what God may have in store for your child.  If you are saved, raise your child in a Christian home.  If you are lost, get saved.  Give your child the very best opportunity to grow and to know and serve the Lord.  God has a plan for you and God has a plan for your baby!