Isaiah 22:1-7 The Valley of Vision

The Valley of Vision Is 22:1-7 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

This is the only place where the valley of vision is mentioned so we cannot locate it by cross references.  In v.8, 10, the vision concerns an invasion of Jerusalem and Judah and in v.7 all the choice valleys are filled with chariots, so the valley of vision could be a reference to any valley from which you could see the invasion.  The way to see the vision is from the housetops [v.1] and from there they flee to the mountains [Matt 24:17].  The cross references to this passage are going to reveal that this prophecy is ultimately fulfilled in the Tribulation.

What does Isaiah see?  He sees:

A Party Town – v.2 – he sees stirs – a stir is a state of excitement, a commotion – he sees a tumultuous city – wild and noisy, uproarious – he sees a joyous city – see v.13 – so the vision is like New Orleans at Mardi Gras or like the strip in Las Vegas.  In the midst of trouble the bars and dance halls are still packed.

Slain Men – v.2 – these men are slain but not with the sword of battle – innocent men are slain by wicked rulers [2 Ki 21:16], by hunger, beasts and death [Rev 6:8] and by pestilence and natural disasters [Matt 24:7].  Some are even dying from supernatural things [Rev 9:18].

Prisoners of War – v.3 – the rulers had fled before and were returned [Jer 40:7-12] – they survive until they have to run – during their escape they are captured by the archers and bound [2 Ki 25:4-7] – the archers are the artillery men [1 Sam 20:40].  Interestingly many are contributing to help Jews return to Israel today and they are being gathered in the very cities where the nations of the world will attack them [Zeph 3:8; Zech 14:1-3].

Then there’s an interruption – v.4 – Isaiah is so upset with the vision that he weeps bitterly and cannot be comforted [like Jesus in Matt 23:37-39; Lk 19:41].

Trouble, Treading Down and Perplexity – v.5 – the trouble is Jacob’s trouble [Jer 30:7] – the treading down is found in Is 10:6 and Rev 11:2 – the perplexity is found in Lk 21:25-27 – all of these references are to the Tribulation – the walls are broken down when the siege is over [2 Ki 25:10] and then the enemies attack – the inhabitants cry to the mountains as in Rev 6:15-17 and Lk 23:30.

The Enemy – v.6 – they are from Elam which is in the Persian Empire [like Darius conquering Belshazzar in Dan 5] – they uncover the chariots of men and horsemen and the shields which are a sudden surprise to the revelers in the towns.

The Battlefields Covered – v.7 – the choicest valleys are full of chariots and the horsemen are at the gates.

Conclusion: The trouble with Jerusalem and Judah in this prophecy is the same as the trouble that they are having now – they have forgotten the Lord their Creator and Messiah [v.11].