Sins against the Spirit Eph.4:30

 Ephesians 4:30 Sins Against the Spirit CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

 There are a number of sins against the Spirit:

  1. Disobedience – Grieve – Eph 4:30
  2. Suffocation – Quench – I Th 5:19
  3. Dissimulation – Lie to – Acts 5:3
  4. Blasphemy – Say, “Jesus has an unclean spirit” – Mk 3:28-30
  5. Rejection of Jesus (Jn 16:8-10) – Despise – Heb 10:29
  6. Rebellion – Vex – Is  63:9-10
  7. Unbelief – Resist – Acts 7:51

Primary danger right after getting saved, when you want to surrender to the Holy Spirit and Satan does everything he can to counterfeit the work of the Holy Spirit so that you will surrender your will to the wrong spirit (PSR).

You should be everything before men that you are before God and vice versa (PSR).

Christians are fooled by a carnal Christian who quenches the Spirit and lies to the Spirit to convince you he is spiritual when he is as carnal as the devil (PSR).

The Holy Spirit leads men one way and they do everything in the world they can to compensate for their disobedience (PSR).  A Preacher said about this kind of man, “He wants to serve God on his own terms.”

A preacher who had big youth revival was caught fornicating with a woman in his church.

One preacher never got gas at the same station so he could win souls, but then ran off with his secretary and started a church down the road.

Don’t be fooled by piety.

The work of the Holy Spirit is more gentle, gradual, and unseen, like life.  There may be some growth spurts noticeable over time – from baby, to child, to adolescent, to young man, to mature man, to old man – but through time the growth in Christ through the Spirit of God is almost imperceptible.