Christ’s Gifts to Men Eph. 4:11a

Ephesians 4:11a Christ’s Gifts to Men CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Christ gave himself and then when he left he gave some men to help the body of Christ.  He also gave us grace to do our function in the body (v. 7).  Every one of us has been given grace that was measured out to us as the gift of Christ.  Now, what are you doing with that grace he as given you?

Besides this gift of grace, he gave us:

  1. Apostles
  • Originally there were 12 [Matt 10; Lk 22:14]
  • Simon the Canaanite is the same person as Zealotes and Lebbaeus is the same person as Thadeus, who is also known as Judas, the brother of James
  • There is no apostolic “succession”
  • In Acts 1:22, an apostle had to be a witness of Jesus, from his baptism through his ascension
  • In Acts 1:26, there were just 11, since Judas committed suicide
  • Apostles were known also for their signs and wonders [Acts 2:43; 5:12; II Cor 12:12]
  • But there were and are many false apostles [II Cor 11:13; Rev 2:2]
  • Paul was an apostle , Gal 1:1
  • As was Barnabas, Acts14:14; by that time James was dead (Acts 12:2), and so Barnabas was probably his replacement
  1. Prophets
  • Purpose: I Cor 14:3
  • New Testament prophets are mentiones in Acts 11:27-28; 13:1; 15:32; 21:9-10
  • The scripture, the sure word of prophecy is the only true prophecy we have today, II Pet 1:19-2:1, Rev 1:3 – it is not understood by private interpretation but by the Holy Ghost
  • There are many false prophets and they can be distinguished several ways: Is 8:20; Deut 18:22; Deut 13:1-3; 1 Kn 4:1
  • Rev 19:10, don’t need prophets
  • II Thes 2:9, they do signs and wonders too

Greatest prophesy is that Jesus is coming back. Are you ready?