David’s Character, 1 Sam 16:18

1 Sam 16:18 David’s Character CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

In this passage of scripture, we see some of David’s traits that reveal the composition and depth of his character.  David was:

An Astute Man – cunning in playing.  It is more than talent that gave David the ability to play so well.  It was the diligence to practice and perfect his ability to play the harp from his heart.  A man once said that the instrument is the person playing the musical instrument and that the musical instrument is merely the sound piece.  Well then, you have to be able to play it well enough for the music that is on the inside to come out through the notes on the instrument.  Furthermore, David had to play the harp for the Lord and had to be sure that the music was pleasing to the Lord.  It is obvious that the Lord liked it and the evil spirit didn’t because the evil spirit would leave when David played [1 Sam 16:23].

A Valiant Man – a mighty valiant man.  Valiant is bold, brave, courageous.  Valiance is a very desirable and necessary trait if you are going to do much for the Lord [Jos 1:9].  Paul had it [Eph 6:19-20].

A Fighting Man – a man of war.  Saul didn’t remember this when the battle with Goliath was upon him [1 Sam 17:33].  A man of war is not only brave but he knows how and when to fight.  He fights a good fight [2 Tim 4:7, 1 Tim 6:12].

A Prudent Man – prudent in matters.  Prudent is careful, practical, wise; he knew how to handle his business.  Prudence is a good trait for a leader [Prov 16:21].  We see very few examples of prudence these days.  Instead, our country is led by men who have recklessly managed our country into a tremendous debt.

A Comely Man – a comely person.  That is, he was handsome.  Handsomeness isn’t necessary [Jesus was not comely Is 53:2].  But look at the face and deportment of men and women who are used to ministering to and serving others.  Even if their features aren’t what you would call attractive, they have pleasant dispositions that make them comely, and that is beneficial.  That’s much better than being around a self-centered, egotistical old grump.

A Godly Man – the Lord was with him.  So, he was very spiritual and it was evident that he was God’s man.  Godliness with contentment is great gain.  Exercise thyself rather unto godliness.  Godliness is a very desirable character trait.  Here is a man that would rather please God than men and would rather please God than himself.

Conclusion: Now these are character traits that ought to be instilled in all of our young Christian men.