De-evolution Ps. 102: 25-27

De-evolution Ps. 102: 25-27 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

The things that have been created will perish.  That is de-evolution.  Things are not improving and becoming more organized.  Things are getting worse.  Evolution is science falsely so called.  Notice the de-evolution of the following:

Angels – Job 38:7 – the angels [sons of God] were all together before creation and during creation they were singing together and shouting for joy.  But by Gen 6 many had fallen and some of those cohabited with women and lost their first estate [Jude 6].  We see the same thing going on in Sodom in Gen 19, where men desire to join themselves with the angels that came to rescue Lot.  Then in Rev 9:7-8, we find that the beings in the bottomless pit have de-evolved into part human and part animal.  Then by Rev 16:13, the spirits of devils have de-evolved until they are like frogs.  From there they go to the lake of fire [Rev 20:10, 13; Matt 25:41].  They go from ministering spirits to flesh to part flesh, part animal to animal to the lake of fire.  That’s de-evolution.

Sun, Moon, Stars – Gen 1:14-18 – they light the night, they rule the night and day and they are for signs, seasons, days and years.  In Rev 8:10-11, they are corrupted, and a star called Wormwood falls to earth an poisons the water, killing men.  Then the sun turns dark and the moon turns to blood and the stars fall from heaven [Rev 6:12-14].  Then in 2 Pet 3:10-12, they are destroyed all together.

Earth – Gen 1:1 – created by God.  In Gen 1:2 it is completely flooded. In Gen 3:17 it is cursed.  In Gen 7:7-12 it is flooded again in Noah’s flood. In Is 51:6 it waxes old.  It reels to and fro like a drunken man right before the second coming of Jesus [Is 24:20].  In 2 Pet 3:10-12 it is destroyed.

Animals – Gen 1 they start out herbivorous under man’s dominion as man’s help and friend. In Gen 9:2-4 they are afraid of man and become man’s food.  In Rev 6:8 they attack men and kill them.  They go from being the prey of man to the predator of man.

Man – Gen 1:26-27 – created in the image of God.  In Gen 3:22 he could live for ever.  In Gen 5:5 he dies, yet his lifespan is nearly 1,000 years.  Then his lifespan is reduced to 120 years following the flood [Gen 6:3].  Then his lifespan is reduced to 70-80 years [Ps 90:10].  In Rev 20:15 he is cast into the lake of fire.

Conclusion: you are not going to be better by living better and the world is not going to get better by peace treaties and scientific advancements and environmental improvements.  You are going to be better by getting saved, so that Jesus will give you a glorified body [1 Thes 4:13-18; 1 Cor 15:50-55].  And the world will be better off only when Jesus, the Prince of Peace, comes to rule during his millennial reign.  Even after his peaceful reign the earth will still be destroyed.  You are not going to change any of this with scientific and environmental interventions.  And you surely aren’t going to arrive at the truth by believing in the lie of evolution.