We Hold Our Peace, 2 Kings 7: 9

We Hold Our Peace 2 Kings 7: 9 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

When the lepers in 2 Kings 7 found that the Syrians had fled and left all their belongings outside of Samaria, they said, We do not well: this day is a day of good tidings, and we hold our peace, [2 Ki 7:9].  They had been eating and drinking and hiding spoil for themselves while the rest of the city was shut up from the siege and dying from the famine.  They decided to tell the king what they had found so that others could eat and drink and survive.

These four lepers were like Christians.  We have found eternal life in Jesus Christ.  With his life, we have also found peace, grace, comfort, safety, health, love, joy, provision, and so much more.  Yet, we hold our peace.  Like the lepers said, we do not well.  We hold our peace because:

We are satisfied to keep it to ourselves – 2 Ki 7:8 – we have been saved and that’s all that matters to us.  Like these lepers, we tend to hide what we have from others.  It never dawns on us to tell others about what we have.  We do not well when there are others besieged by the devil and starving from the famine of hearing the words of the Lord, [Amos 8:11].  We must not hold our peace.

We know we are considered outcasts – 2 Ki 7:3 – Like Paul said in 1 Cor 4:13, “we are made as the filth of the world, and are the offscouring of all things unto this day.”  Solomon said, “… he that is upright in the way is abomination to the wicked,” [Prov 29:27].  So, like the lepers, we cover our lips and keep to ourselves.

We are afraid they won’t believe us – 2 Ki 7:12 – the king didn’t believe the lepers.  But his unbelief was due to caution.  He wanted to be sure the Syrians hadn’t set a trap.  Likewise, people want to be sure that what we are preaching about Jesus is true.  So, don’t quit telling then if their first response is reserved or even skeptical.  Give them time to consider the truth of what you have said.  See 2 Ki 9:11-13.  Jehu’s companions called the prophet a mad fellow and said that his word was false, until they heard that he had anointed Jehu as king.  People might reject the gospel at first and then change their mind when they realize all that there is to it.

But we do not well when we hold our peace – 2 Ki 7:16 – because the lepers no longer held their peace, the people found the spoil and lived.

Conclusion:  we must get over our selfishness, our fear and our dismay, and go tell them how to be saved.  Like a friend of mine said, “I’m one beggar telling another beggar where I found bread.”  Like the lepers, we were seeking sinners, now we are satisfied sinners and we must become sharing sinners.