Saul’s Successful Military Campaign, 1 Sam 11:1-15

1 Sam 11:1-15 Saul’s Successful Military Campaign CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Saul succeeded in defeating Nahash the Ammonite because he:

Recognized that it was time to fight – v.1-5 – successful commanders know when to fight and when to negotiate – this was time to fight

Did not offer a political response – v.1-5 – some commanders are more concerned about being politically correct with the enemy than they are about righting a wrong

Was strengthened by the Holy Spirit – v.6 – the absolute best way to defeat an enemy – this shows us that we, as Christians, need to be filled with the Spirit and fight our spiritual enemies rather than attempt to make some sort of covenant with them

Was fervent and zealous – v.6 – he got angry – just like Jesus did when he saw that the Pharisees had turned the temple into a den of thieves

Instilled the fear of God in his troops – v.7 – soldiers need to fear their commander’s commands and there is no better way than for the commander to put the fear of God in them

Mobilized his troops speedily – v.9 – he marched them 17 miles in one night across the Jordan River and had them ready to fight at daybreak

Employed a great strategy – v.11 – he divided his troops into three companies and made a surprise attack at dawn [the enemy didn’t know they were there] – the three companies could flank the enemy on both sides and keep them from advancing any where – the only way they would be able to go is backwards in a retreat

Fought to the finish – v.11 – there were not 2 men left together

Gave God the glory – v.12-13 – this is exactly the right thing to do because, without the Lord, Israel would not have won this war or any that it has fought