Prudent Men Hide Prov. 27:12

Prudent Men Hide Prov. 27:12 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Prov 27:12 says, “A prudent man forseeth the evil, and hideth himself; but the simple pass on, and are punished.”  Prudent men hide when they foresee evil.  Bible believers can “see,” prophetically, that evil is coming.  We see in Matt 24:5-13, 21 that, as we lead up to the Tribulation, a time that is worse than anything the earth has ever seen, there is going to be an increase in evil.  The perilous times of the last days are here and they are not good [2 Tim 3:1-4].  Evil men and seducers are waxing worse and worse [2 Tim 3:13].  The liberal look at the moral decay in our country as progress; we see it as evil.  They see a better day on the horizon; we see the coming judgment of God.  They pass on and will be punished; we are supposed to hide ourselves.

But how do prudent men hide when they foresee the evil?  Do they go where they can’t be found [Jer 36:19]?  Today 10+ acre home sites are being gobbled up in the Northwest by people who are getting off the grid and setting up sustainable living to protect themselves from the coming bad times.  During the Tribulation, the Jews flee into the mountains [Matt 24:16] and many end up hiding in Sela Petra, where they are fed manna [Mic 7:14-15; Is 33:15-16].

If a man wanted to “hide” from all the ways he is being tracked today, he would have to pay for everything in cash, have no bank accounts, no credit cards, no computer and, therefore, no email address, no cell phone and no published address.  Even then, if he drove, he would have to drive without a license and insurance.  And he would need a third party, somewhere else, handling any official correspondence.  Basically, he couldn’t “really” hide for long, even if he left the country.

So, how or where are we supposed to hide?  Prudent men hide in the Lord.  We hide in the Lord by:

  • Getting saved – Ps 17:7-9 – “savest by thy right hand”
  • Trusting God – Ps 17:7-9 – “them which put their trust in thee”
  • Not being afraid – Ps 27:3-6 – ‘my heart shall not fear” Prov 29:25.
  • Staying in church – Ps 27:3-6 – “that I may dwell in the house of the Lord” Heb 10:25.
  • Praising the Lord – Ps 27:3-6 – “I will sing praises unto the Lord.” See 2 Chr 20:22.
  • Fearing the Lord – Ps 31:19-20 – “for them that fear thee.” See Prov 9:10.
  • Staying close to God – Ps 31:19-20 – “hide them in the secret of thy presence”

Now, this doesn’t insure that we aren’t going to suffer or be persecuted, because both things come upon saints.  But what it does insure is that we have done what prudent men are supposed to do when they foresee evil.  All other attempts to hide by wealth, political associations, remote home sites, getting off the grid and so forth are just vanity.  Prudent men hide in the Lord.