Noah’s Walk, Work and Word, Gen 6:9

Noah’s Walk, Work and Word Gen. 6:9 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Noah walked with God, worked for God, and spoke the word of God.  Likewise, we are to walk with the Lord, work for the Lord, and speak the word of the Lord in this world.  That is what the Lord wants us to do.  That’s what Noah did.  The Lord said that the time of his return was going to be like it was in the days of Noah.  So, we can learn from what Noah did in his day.  Are you doing these things or are they being neglected in your life as you run from place to place, work for a living and speak about other things than the Lord?  Like Noah, we must:

Walk with the Lord – Gen 6:9 – our walk with the Lord is the principle thing in our Christian lives.  Walking with God is what set Enoch and Noah apart in their generations.  It’s why God translated one and spared the other.  You can become so busy working for the Lord or speaking the word of the Lord that you neglect your walk with the Lord.  That’s catastrophic.   A person said after church the other day that she understood now that her walk with God is essential to the plan of God in her life.  That’s true; but I responded rather off-hand with, “Your walk with God IS the plan.”  The more I think about it, that off-hand comment is right on the money.  No matter where you are and no matter what you are doing you must be walking with God.  If you are, you will be where you need to be and you’ll be doing what you need to be doing.

Work for the Lord – Gen 6:14 – God had a big job for Noah to do.  He had to build the ark and he had to fill it with animals and provender.  That was no small undertaking.  Yet he did it.  Likewise, the Lord has work for you to do.  See Eph 2:10 and Col 1:10. As you walk with God he directs you into the work that he wants you to do.  Every morning Jesus woke up and prayed to the Father.  Then he began to walk with God and accomplished those things that pleased God [Jn 8:29].  In order to finish all the work that the Father had for him [Jn 4:34], Jesus had to finish each day’s work that the Father had for him [Lk 4:42-44].

God has work for each of us to do and you’ll never know what it is if you are not walking with him.  When you are walking with him, he’ll show you the work that he wants you to do.  And the work that he has for you each day, he’ll give you to do.  We are here to please him; not ourselves.  We are here to serve him [Eph 6:5-8].

Speak the Word of the Lord – 2 Pet 2:5 – Noah was a preacher of righteousness.  So, not only did he walk with the Lord and work for the Lord and he also spoke the word of the Lord.  So did Enoch, who also walked with God [Jude 14-15].  If you will walk with the Lord, he will “send” you from time to time to preach to others who need to hear from him [Rom 10:14-15]. It’s not hard to know just what to say when you have been getting an ear full of his word each morning [Is 50:4].  And it’s not hard to “go,” [Mk 16:15] when you are just following where he leads.  Walk with God and “be ready always to give an answer to every man,” [1 Pet 3:15].

Conclusion: if you aren’t walking with God, start.  If you aren’t working for God, begin. If you aren’t speaking the word of the Lord, listen to what God has to say in his word each day, and as you walk with him and work for him he’ll give you opportunities to speak of him.