A Blessed Man, Ps 1:1-3

A Blessed Man Ps. 1:1-3 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

The man in Ps 1:1-3 is a blessed man for five reasons. He’s blessed by how he walks, where he stands, with whom he sits, what he delights in, and what he thinks about.  If you want to be a blessed man, then you must follow his example.  A blessed man is careful about:

How he walks – Ps 1:1 – he’s not going to walk in the counsel of the ungodly, he’s not going to walk with the unsaved who walk contrary to God – the counsel of the ungodly is like the counsel of the prophets of the grove, wrong and contrary to truth [1 Ki 22:6] – the counsel of the godly is like Micaiah, right and according to the will of God [1 Ki 22:17-18] – a blessed man will not walk in ungodly counsel, which may cause him to walk alone at times.

Where he stands – Ps 1:1 – he’s not going to stand in the way of sinners – that’s the broad way and it might catch him in its current and take him down like a boat in a stream – if observes sinners in the way they may entice him [Prov 4:14-15] away from God.

Whom he sits with – Ps 1:1 – he’s not going to sit with scorners [Prov 1:22-33] – he won’t sit with fools because he doesn’t want to turn out like them – he’ll sit with wise men – he’ll take his seat under mom and dad – he’ll take his seat in the church pew – he’ll take his seat in private devotions.

What he delights in – Ps 1:2 – he’ll delight in the law of the Lord – he’ll learn to love the words of God – if you really want to be blessed delight in the Bible – it may be hard to read it at first but stay with it – the more you read it the more you will love it.

What he thinks about – Ps 1:2 – he’ll meditate day and night in the words of God – lots of us have had problems with our thought life – meditating on scripture is one of the best ways to straighten out your thinking.

Conclusion: Follow the example of the blessed man in Ps 1 and you will see the some blessings of fruitfulness, protection and prosperity in your life as he saw in his.