How Shall We Order The Child, Jud 13:2-14

How Shall We Order The Child Jude 13:2-14 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Have you ever thought about asking God, before your child is born, How shall we order the child?  That’s what Manoah and his wife did.  You have to prepare for a child coming into your home.  You need to find out from the Lord what he wants you to do.  If you want to know the answer to, How shall we order the child, follow Manoah and his wife’s example.

Prepare yourself for your child – Jud 13:5, 7, 14 – you have to make some changes in your own life – rearing children is a huge responsibility – you need to prepare yourself physically by taking excellent care of your body and you need to prepare yourself spiritually by improving your relationship to the Lord – Jesus said, “Suffer the little children to come unto me…” God called Jeremiah from the womb, God called John the Baptist from the womb – God has a plan for your child and his plan begins with you.

Prepare your family for your child – Jud 13:12 – Manoah asked, “How shall WE…” – Mom and Dad need to be in agreement about how they are going to raise their children – make the hard decisions before the kids arrive and sort out any areas of difference between you – if you don’t agree, children and the devil will exploit the disagreement to the detriment of your family and your children – many wives become stay-at-home Mom’s at great financial sacrifice so that they can care for their children properly – that takes planning.

Prepare your child for the Lord – Jud 13:5, 12 – Samson was to be raised a Nazarite from the womb – thus his parents were to keep him from certain things – keep your children from harmful things like the wrong kind of music, movies, education, video games, etc., from harmful foods, and from harmful associations – develop them with godly character and spend time together in devotions, education, recreation, and so forth – discipline them in such a way that they learn to obey you on the first command – thereby prepare them for Heb 12:5-11, so that they will obey God on his first command.

Conclusion: like Manoah and his wife, ask the Lord, How shall we order the child?  And then follow these three principles in everything that he shows you to do.  And may the Lord bless you!!