Stand Still, Ex 14:13

Stand Still Ex. 14:13 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

There are times in our lives when we just need to stand still.  Too often when facing a difficult decision or a stressful situation we get busier so that we don’t have to think about it.  We’re afraid that if we stand still we’ll worry more or panic.  But escaping by activity does nothing more than burn energy and defer your anxiety.  Learning to stand still, on the other hand, gives you time to consider where God is in the matter which is what you need.

Stand still and learn – 1 Sam 12:7 – Samuel made the children of Israel stand still so that he could reason with them of all the righteous acts of the Lord.  That’s how you are going to learn the Bible.  You must be still while you are studying the Bible on your own or in church during the sermon or in Sunday school.  You aren’t going to learn all that the Lord has done in the Bible by staying constantly on the go.  Young converts to the Lord need to change their schedules so that they have time each day to read what the Lord has recorded in the Bible.  And they need to change their weekly schedules to include faithful church and Sunday school attendance.

Stand still and consider – Job 37:14 – Elihu told Job to consider the wondrous works of God.  We all need to do that.  All around you God has given wonderful testimonies of his majesty. The heavens declare the glory of God.  The invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made.  Take time to smell the roses. All of this will help you to remember in some of the more difficult times in your life that God is right there with you.

Stand still and hear – Num 9:8 – when you find yourself in a place where you don’t know what to do the best thing to do is to stand still and listen for the Lord’s direction.  You can’t be running around, emailing and texting, calling folks on the phone, wringing your hands, and panicking.  You have to settle down, pray, read and listen.  The Lord will give you the wisdom to know what to do.  He may even direct you to godly counsel.  Like a friend of mine says, “Breathe through your nose” [it’s hard to hyperventilate when you breathe through your nose].

Stand still and see – Ex 14:13 – this is what Moses and the children of Israel had to do.  There was nothing they could do to defend themselves against Pharaoh.  But since the Lord had led them to the point where they were, Moses knew that he could depend upon the Lord to get them out of this jam.  Running around screaming and hollering wasn’t going to do one thing to stop Pharaoh.  They had to simply stand still and watch God deliver them.  Jehoshaphat had a similar experience [2 Chr 20:17].

Stand still and commune – Ps 4:4 – when life deals its really harsh blows against you it is great to get alone and commune with God.  In that time you can reflect upon your own sin that might have gotten you into the fix you’re in.  And you can confess it and forsake it.  You can truly settle down with the Lord and trust him.  He will put gladness in your heart.  He will give you peace.  And you will be able to sleep [Ps 4:4-8].

Stand still and show – 1 Sam 9:27 – in this fast paced society people are on the go so much that they don’t stop long enough for you to witness to them.  The best time for you to show someone something from the word of God is when you can get them to stop.  They aren’t going to be inclined to listen to you if they are in a hurry.  Give them the advice that we used to hear in the Beverly Hillbillies lyrics, “… sit a spell, take your shoes off.”  They’ll be much more receptive to what you show them from the Bible if they aren’t in a rush.

Conclusion: learn to stop and stand still a while.  Turn off the television.  Get off the internet.  Turn off your phone.  Just stop.  In those times when all activity stops you will get to know more about the Lord than you could ever imagine.  You are going to need to know him that well when you face life’s most difficult struggles.