The People Murmured Ex. 15:24

The People Murmured Ex. 15:24 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Moses had led Israel out of Egypt and through the Red Sea.  Now they faced a little hardship; the water was too bitter to drink.  Rather than cry out to God for help and direction on what to do about it, the people murmured.  It’s much easier to throw up your hands and pout than it is to get on your knees, roll up your sleeves and do something about it.  The people murmured.  If we can find out why the people murmured, then we should be able to learn why we murmur sometimes [and stop it 1 Cor 10:10].  The people murmured because of a:

Lack of Appreciation – God had just freed them from Egypt and had miraculously delivered them from the destroyer and from a ferocious attack by Pharaoh – we are to be thankful in everything [1 Thes 5:18] and for all things [Eph 5:20] – we are to do all things without murmurings and disputings [Phil 2:14].

Lack of Contentment – they would rather have remained in Egypt in hard bondage – they were not content with this journey and they were just getting started – Paul said he learned in whatsoever state he was to be content [Phil 4:11] – you don’t learn that without going through hardship – so be content with such things as ye have [Heb 13:5].  God was with them [pillar].

Lack of Understanding – they couldn’t understand why God would prove them with this bitter water – just because you don’t understand why God has you where he has you [Prov 20:24] or why he said something he said [Jn 6:41] or why he lets certain people do things that don’t make sense to you [Mk 14:5] doesn’t mean it’s time for you to start complaining – Rom 8:28 is true.

Lack of Trust – God had gotten them this far and he used Moses to do it – if he could get them out of the country and through the Red Sea and destroy Pharaoh and his entire army, he could certainly be trusted to get them a drink of water – next time your faith is being challenged [as in Num 14:36] and you want to complain, try Prov 3:5-6 instead.

Lack of Patience – like spoiled children they started complaining and demanding water from God the moment they realized the water was bitter – slow down and give God time to work the thing out – you are in too big of a rush – God has a plan, let him work it [Deut 1:27].

Lack of Commitment – the Jews had cried out to God to get them out of bondage – they should have been completely committed to the way God got them out and the way God was leading them – but when things started to go wrong they didn’t have anything invested and they are ready to bail – get committed to what God is doing in your life, in your family, in your church so that when things get a little tough you are resolved enough to ride out the storm – it’s too easy to sit on the sidelines and complain – grab part of the rope and start pulling [Acts 6:1].

Conclusion: Don’t be like these folks in the wilderness who lacked appreciation, contentment, understanding, trust, patience and commitment.  Instead of murmuring, pray and encourage others who might be weak in faith to pray, as well.