Ye That Tremble at His Word Is. 66:5

Ye That Tremble at His Word Is. 66:5 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

In Is 66:5, we read, Hear the word of the Lord, ye that tremble at his word…  What is it in the words of God that makes people tremble?  We tremble at:

The Presence of God in the words of God – Ex 19:16 – Israel trembled at Mt. Sinai when God spoke – they heard his voice and his voice struck fear in them – Jer 5:22; Job 37:1-2; when Jesus returns at his second advent the whole earth is going to tremble [Jud 5:4] – people argue about the words in different Bibles – just show me which one God is in – if we weren’t so dull of hearing the words in our King James Bible they would make us tremble seeing they are given to us by inspiration of God.

The Power of God in the words of God – 1 Cor 2:2-5 Paul preached in demonstration of the Spirit and power – these words have the power to save lives – the power to change our lives – the power to clean our lives – the power to direct our lives – the power to work effectually in our lives – if we weren’t so confident of our own power, the power in these words would make us tremble.

The Preaching of God in the words of God – 1 Sam 16:4 – Israel feared before Samuel; Acts 24:25 – Felix feared before Paul; 2 Cor 7:15 – the Corinthians received Titus with fear and trembling – people feared these preachers because these men were preaching the words of God – God was speaking to them right through these preachers – though each preacher was just a man, he had God on him and the words were not man’s words but God’s words – and men trembled.

The Preeminence of God in the words of God – Ps 119:120 says, “my flesh trembleth for fear of thee” – that’s because God is high and lifted up far above all principality and power [Eph 1:20-21] – his name is exalted above all names in the universe [Phil 2:9-11] – the angels fall prostrate before him in heaven – when John saw him in heaven he could not stand before him but fell at his feet – he is high and lifted up and we should tremble before his preeminence in the words of God.

The Punishments of God in the words of God – Job 26:11; Deut 28:65 – these passages and many others like them show that the earth and the men in it tremble at the judgments of God against men – the Lord is holy and righteous and he abhors unrighteousness and wickedness – when he roars against them, they tremble – when you are out of line with God and he reproves you, you will tremble.

The Prosperity of God in the words of God – Jer 33:9 – the Lord owns everything and he is willing to share it with us – we should tremble at the goodness of God toward us – 2 Cor 9:8, 11 – when you ask Christians how they are doing they will often say, rather casually, “I am better than I deserve” – the truth is that God treats us way better than we deserve and when we truly realize this and don’t take it for granted, we should fall down before God and praise him for his goodness and his prosperity toward us.

Conclusion: Folks, the Bible is not a text book on God – it is not a religious manual on the Christian life – it is not a dull history of Biblical events – the Bible is God’s word and God is in it – it is quick and powerful and sharper than any two-edged sword – and when we read it or hear it preached, we need to tremble at his word.