What The Word Is Like, 1 Pet 1:23

What the Word is Like 1 Pet. 1:23 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

In the Bible we can learn a lot about the word of God by seeing what the word is like.  According to the texts that we will study today, the Bible is like seven different things.  The word is like:

Seed – 1 Pet 1:23.  The word of God is the incorruptible seed by which men are born again.  So, you must sow the seed thoroughly and regularly.  How much of the seed of the word of God have you sown?

Food – milk, 1 Pet 2:2; meat, 1 Cor 3:2; bread, Matt 4:4; honey, Ps 19:10; apples, Prov 25:11.  So, the word of God is a very good diet.  You didn’t like to eat vegetables, anyway, did you?  The words of God will thoroughly nourish you when you “eat” them regularly, like you eat food.  How much of the word of God have you eaten lately?  How is it nourishing your life?

A Lamp – Ps 119:105.  So, the Bible keeps you on the right path and moving in the right direction.  Have you checked your spiritual compass bearings and odometer lately to see how you are doing on God’s path for your life?

A Mirror – Jas 1:22-25.  So, the Bible gives you a true reflection of yourself.  That is, when you come to the mirror that has not been distorted and when don’t distort your view of yourself.  Have you checked yourself in the mirror lately?

A Sword – Heb 4:12.  So, the Bible, like a surgeon’s scalpel, slices you with razor sharpness and cuts you to the quick.  It goes past what you can see and deals with your very thoughts and intents.  The Bible will reprove, rebuke and correct you in good measure if you really want to know what’s on the inside.  Has God thoroughly examined you by the words of God lately?

A Hammer – Jer 23:29.  So, the Bible can break any sinner whose heart is as hard as an adamant stone.  Get the right view of yourself in the mirror of God’s word.  After being thoroughly examined by the sword, if God finds hardness in your heart, he can shatter it with the words of God.  Good Bible preaching has broken many hardened hearts.  When was the last time the Lord broke something hard in your heart?

Fire – Jer 23:29.  So, the Bible burns up chaff and stubble like a grass fire.  It separates dross like a refiner’s fire.  When was the last time the Bible cleaned you up like a fire purifies silver?

Conclusion: Is it any wonder to you then that more of the people you know have not been saved?  Be faithful to sow the seed.  Is it any wonder to you that you have not grown more than you have?  Be faithful to eat the word of God.  Is it any wonder to you that you have lost your way in the Lord’s will?  Be faithful to follow the light of God’s word. 

Is it any wonder to you that you have forgotten what you look like from God’s perspective?  Take a fresh look in the mirror of God’s word.  Is it any wonder to you that your thoughts and intents are currently so far from God?  Let the sword of the word of God reprove, rebuke and correct you.  Is it any wonder to you that you are so hard hearted these days?  Let the word of God break that hardness in your heart.  Is it any wonder to you that you are so impure these days?  Let the fire of the Bible purify and cleanse you through and through.