Passing Away, Job 9:25-26

Passed Away Job 9:25-26 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Job talked about the time of death as passing away.  This is where we get the expression, he passed away.  When people die, they pass away.  While they live, their time on earth flies by.  Our time passes swifter than a post, like the Pony Express; as swift as the ships, that sail out of sight over the horizon; as swift as the eagle, that dives and flies away.

Pastor Jack Trieber recounted the past 40 years of his ministry from starting in a small building to now 1,000’s of members, as if it just happened overnight.  It all happens so fast.  So, it behooves us to consider the following.

The Passing Away of a Loved One is:

A grievous event for the family – the Egyptians mourned for Jacob 70 days [Gen 50:3]. In 1 Thes 4:13 the passing of a loved one is a great time of sorrow.

A joyous event for the saved – 2 Cor 5:1-8 – as many good memories as you can recount, no memory your loved one had compares with the joy of leaving this life to be joined with the Lord.

A precious event for the Lord – Ps 116:15 – this is why God’s Son, Jesus Christ, died. That’s why we preach the gospel. Jesus didn’t abolish death in such a way as to keep us from dying [he died]. He gave us life so that in dying we continue to live [he arose].

A tragic event for the lost – Lk 16:19-31 – the lost, when they die, go straight into hell. The flowers, the beautiful casket, the presentation of the deceased and the well manicured cemetery are all designed to take away the appearance of the sting of death. Those cannot compensate for the fires of hell.

A saved person’s greatest desire in life is to see his family come to Christ. A dear saint in our church who recently passed away requested more prayer for her loved ones than she ever did for herself in her declining health. The great tragedy in their lives and hers will be if, at the time of their passing away, they don’t arrive in heaven with her. God will have to wipe away the tears from her eyes; he won’t be able to wipe away theirs.


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