Right Thinking Prov. 12:5

Right Thinking Prov. 12:5 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

We need a big dose of right thinking. Prov 12:5 says that the thoughts of the righteous are right.  So, let’s take a good look at right thinking today in hopes of stirring ourselves up to doing more of it.

Right thinking is the result of righteousness – Solomon says that the thoughts of the RIGHTEOUS are right – righteousness comes from the Lord Jesus Christ as a gift when a person gets saved – so after a man has the righteousness of Jesus his thinking will change as he yields his thoughts to Christ’s righteousness – a man who is lost is not righteous so his ability to think right is limited to only that common righteousness that men can have when they live by the law – in an immoral and lawless society like ours today you see very little righteousness and consequently very little right thinking.

Right thinking is the result of the right “input” – 2 Cor 10:5 – so if a man puts the right things in his mind and heart then his thinking is going to be right [Phil 4:8] – good Bible preaching and teaching, good conversation, good instruction, Bible reading, and so forth are going to contribute to good thinking – if a man puts the wrong things in his mind then his thinking is going to be wrong [garbage in; garbage out] – so a man who feasts on Hollywood movies, internet foolishness, incorrect instruction [i.e., evolution, science falsely so called, liberal education, and so forth], worldly philosophy, etc. is going to have a wicked imagination [as in Noah’s day] and he is going to develop strongholds of thinking that are going to exalt themselves against the knowledge of God.

Right thinking is the result of obedience to Christ – 2 Cor 10:5 – when strongholds of wicked imagination lodge in the mind and heart, these thoughts need to be brought into obedience of Christ – when these thoughts begin to obey the Lord then your thinking will begin to improve and so will your actions.

Right thinking is the result of continually thinking right – when you start thinking right, in time [perhaps a long time] your thoughts will straighten out to the point where some of the things you used to think about just won’t come to mind anymore – praise the Lord!

Conclusion: Right living is the result of right thinking – when a man starts thinking like Christ, his life will begin to look like Christ [Rom 8:29] – the Holy Spirit’s work to conform you to the image of Christ is hindered and grieved by wicked thinking – conversely the Spirit’s work is improved by right thinking – so, right thinking leads to right living and wrong thinking leads to wrong living – Bob Jones. Sr. said, “Back of every tragedy in human character, there is a process of wicked thinking” – Solomon said of men, “As he thinketh in his heart, so is he” – hence a man who thinks wickedly will live wickedly and a man that thinks right will live right.