The Beauty of Esther Esther 2:7

The Beauty of Esther Esther 2:7 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

In her character we find the beauty of Esther the queen.  We see the beauty of her:

Virginity – Est 2:2, 7 – her virginity qualified her to be considered for the position of queen – in a television interview the Kardashian sisters they revealed that they lost their virginity in their mid-teens as if that were a trendy, popular thing to do – don’t follow that trend – see 2 Cor 11:2.

Submissiveness – Est 2:10, 20 – 1 Pet 3:1-6 shows a submissive woman adorned with the hidden man of the heart – the Lord Jesus is certainly more beautiful than the most beautiful woman who has ever lived – yet his beauty is seen when she is in subjection – in Est 1:11 Vashti, the former queen was to be brought before the king’s guests to display her outward beauty – but her failure to be submissive caused her to be deposed as queen – Esther was more beautiful in her submissiveness than Vashti in her beauty.

Modesty – Est 2:15 – Esther required nothing to enhance her beauty when she was brought before the king – she was modest – modesty is simply going with what God has given you and not exposing it to the world but rather reserving it for God and your husband – immodesty is basically adding something or exposing something to catch the eye of others – look at the grace and favor Esther obtained in Est 2:17.

Fear – Est 4:13-16 – Esther feared the Lord – she put her own life at risk to save a nation – Prov 31:30 shows you that Esther’s fear brought her more praise than vain beauty.

Wisdom – Est 5:8 – Esther decided to wait a day between the first banquet and the second banquet in order to give time for God to work – Esther employed the wisdom of God to wait patiently for his divine intervention and she was rewarded with success.

Conclusion: The world promotes and exploits the outward beauty of women, making you think that outward beauty is the most important part of a woman’s character.  But after studying Esther, we see that these five character traits are more favorable in a woman than her outward appearance.