Wise Investing, Acts 20:35

Wise Investing Acts 20:35 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

The Bible contains a lot of practical wisdom.  That is, the Bible is not just a spiritual book.  It is also a very practical book.  Military leaders can learn practical war tactics in this book.  Businessmen can learn practical business management in here.  I said that I would have been a much better banker if I had read the Bible through several times as I was coming up through the business.

Likewise, there is practical investment advice in this Book.  Today you hear a lot about the right kinds of investments and the right kinds of investment objectives.  People want to know about the best growth funds (explain) and they want to know about how to generate distributable income (explain).  Well, the Bible has the right advice for those who are interested in wise investing.  And unlike portfolio managers, you don’t have to have a lot of cash to get started.

The secret of investing with the Lord is GIVING.  Our text in Acts 20:35 says, “it is more blessed to give than to receive.”

In investing you need to:

Build a growth portfolio – a growth portfolio in investing is something that gets bigger each year.  According to Prov 11:24, “he that scattereth increaseth.”  The best kind of growth portfolio is one that increases in value and generates a little distributable income, as well.  We see this can be accomplished in giving in 2 Cor 9:8-10.

Generate disposable income – disposable income is something you can spend or reinvest each year.  In Lk 6:38, we read, “Give and it shall be given unto you.”  This is great because however you measure your giving, it is measured to you when the Lord provides for you.  In other words, as with an investment portfolio, the more you invest, the greater your overall return.

Lay up a portion for your retirement – people generally have a a growth fund of some sort to build for retirement.  In Matt 6:20-21, you can actually send your treasure on ahead and it will be there for you in eternity.  Most people don’t think that far down the road.  Like Prov 21:17 says, “he that loveth pleasure shall be a poor man.”  According to Prov 21:20, “a foolish man spendeth it up.”

Maintain some liquidity – liquidity means that you can immediately generate cash for times when cash is short.  In Acts 20:35 you are told that “ye ought to support the weak.”  According to Prov 21:13, we should not stop our ears at the cry of the poor.  In Eph 4:28, we must “give to him that needeth.”  That way, when things get tight, you can withdraw from the Lord against that which you have distributed to those in need.  This is very important.  Prov 19:17 says, “He that hath pity upon the poor lendeth unto the Lord; and that which he hath given will he pay him again.”

Now in order to accomplish this, you ought to have a plan:

Systematic giving – Purpose in your heart to give [2 Cor 9:7] regularly [1 Cor 16:2].  Give cheerfully [2 Cor 9:7].  Some giving ought to be planned, like weekly or monthly missions support.

Abundance giving – 2 Cor 8:10-14 – when you are flush with cash, do more for the Lord [1 Tim 6:17-19].

Conclusion: giving can be like investing.  As a matter of fact, giving is the best way for Christians to invest for all the reasons we have mentioned today.  So, start investing in the Lord’s work.